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Mission Statement

School of Art Design and Media of ECUST takes social application and frontier academic research as its goal and subject cross as the characteristic. At the same time, it closely relies on the strong polytechnic background with the development of creative industry. So the School takes the way of discipline integration and comprehensive development. Since 1985, after the foundation of undergraduate course teaching, the School has already formed a holistic education system and conditions. Till now, School of Art Design and Media has the outstanding advantage of cultivating industrial design talents.

International Role

The staff and students in the school also won 4 times of the “Red Dot Design Award”, 1 time of the “IF Award”, 5 times of the “Red Star Design Award”—the highest award in China Design Industry. The School has built collaboration relationship with many design schools of different universities in the world Partner universities Dundee University in Britain ULSTER University in Britain Northumbria University in Britain Eindhoven University of Technology in Holland University of Rome “La Sapienza”in Italy Seconda Università degli Studi di NA in Italy Leibniz Universitaet Hannover in German College at Buffalo of State University of New York in USA Newcastle University in Australia Gwangju University in Republic of Korea Myongji University Republic of Korea Ewha Womans University in Republic of Korea Konkuk University in Republic of Korea Chiba University in Japan Hsuan Chuang University in Taiwan (China)

National Role

The school has successfully completed these projects: “Consultation for Industrial Policy of Industrial Design”, “National Grid Intelligent Charging Terminal Design”, “Philips Air Detector Design”, “Master Design of Shanghai Banknote Printing Museum”, “Psychoanalysis on ZTE Mobile Phone Users” and “GE Water Detector Design”. These projects have a widespread and profound social influence. And the school’s ongoing projects include "Crystal Ware and Glassware, Teaching Toys, Crafts Crewel Development and Design", "Wisdom Rooftop Design", “Study on the Development of Specialty Industry in Baoying County” and so on. In the recent five years, the school has won several funds supported by “National Natural Science Fund”, “ National Social Science Fund”, “Humanities and Social Sciences Fund Provided by Education Ministry”, “Shanghai Social Fund”, and “Shanghai Strategic Decision Consultation Topics”. The School also closely cooperated with the Baoying County government in Jiangsu Province, Shanghai Putuo District government, and many other local governments, famous enterprises both at home and abroad. The school staff has won 2 times of the third Prize of the “Science and Technology Progress Award”, 2 times of Second Prize of the “Shanghai Education Achivement Award”, 2 times of the “Baogang Excellent Teacher Award” and 1 “Excellent Course”. The staff have published more than 100 thesis in Human-Computer Studies, Machine and Mechanisms Theory?CAD, Journal of Mechanical Engineering and many other top journals and conferences both at home and abroad. The staff also won 2 invention patents, 5 Utility model patents and published 18 books. Our school is the Shanghai Talents Training Base for Creative Industry and the vice president Unit of China Industrial Design Association. It also built the innovation platform, which focus on “Design and life style” and “Design and Industrialization”, together with Shanghai University, Donghua University and Shanghai Theater Academy.

Main Focus

Depending on the strong polytechnic background of ECUST, the great integration of Kansei engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanics and information, as well as the combination of urban renewal, environment management and material subject, our school has formed a complete and good course structure. The main research fields range from contemporary design front, contemporary design ethics to the design policy and the build of designing industrial chain, as well as contemporary creative industry and urban renewal.

Faculties and Departments

Department of Advertising Department of Industrial Design Department of Landscape Architecture Department of Visual communication Department of Environmental Design (Public Art; Landscape Art)) Department of Product Design

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in Advertising 4 years BA in Industrial Design 4 years BA in Landscape Architecture 4 years BA in Visual communication 4 years BA in Environmental Design (Public Art; Landscape Art)) 4 years BA in Product Design 4 years

Master Level Programs

MA in Design Theory 3 years MA in Industrial Design Engineering 3 years MA in Art Design 3 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

Keynote speeches by the stuff from our school were delivered in the prominent seminars both at home and abroad, gaining strong feedback from both the academic and industrial fields. In 2010, Shikumen– Senior Forum of Architectural Heritage(in the field of urban renewal) was held by our school. In 2011, Professor Cheng Jianxin attended the high end forum organized by the Asian Art Society in Japan. His keynote speech Dilemma of Chinese Design has drawn much attention from the present Asian peers. In 2013, Inherit, Break–Forum of Arts Masters was hold by our school and Shanghai Arts & Crafts Association in the YIfu Building of ECUST. Faculty and students in our school attended many important designing competition, They won the German Red Dot Design Award ,China Design Red Star Award, America Best Commercial Design Award several times. They also reaped the glory in competitions such as Chinese Industry Design Competition, Hainan Sunshine Cup Design Competition and Kunshan Cup Computer Design Competition .

Doctorate Level Programs

PHD in Industrial Design 4—6years

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Industrial Design? Visual communication? Environmental Design ? Product Design Landscape Architecture

Application Deadlines

Jun 15th—- July 31 th

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Feb28 th -Jul 10 th, Sep 1 th -Jan 30 th

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Every year the fee is different. Please log on http://ies.ecust.edu.cn


Bachelor: 735
Master: 157
Doctorate: 6

Exchange Students

Incoming: 5
Outgoing: 20
Others: 257

Teaching Staff

Professors: 24
Lectures: 19
Other permanent teachers: 1
Part-time Teachers: 10

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