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Mission Statement

Design Academy Eindhoven’s philosophy and methods formerly known as the Academy for Industrial Design Eindhoven (AIVE) we became Design Academy Eindhoven at the end of the 20th century, a change reflecting a number of important developments. The philosophy of the academy was changing, its focus shifting from products to people who actually use them. Reflecting on people and society lies at the core of design education in general and in ours in particular. Design Academy Eindhoven trains students who develop a similar freedom to that of visual-arts designers while at the same time taking account of the requirements imposed on them by society and the opportunities offered to them by the industry. Sometimes the emphasis lies with the power of an idea, sometimes with manufacturing feasibility, functionality and the usefulness a product may have for society. Of course, the finest accomplishments are those which unite all these different aspects! Large and small subjects are covered within the programme, such as the importance of material innovation and technology for new products, the question as to how trademarks can function, the responsibility of designers in terms of ecology and world poverty, concern for products which avoid the transience of the throwaway culture, conceptual design, the revival of traditional techniques in current design, combining trade and industry, daring future visions. In collaboration with (inter)national companies, projects are carried out annually where creativity and manufacturing feasibility produce captivating results. Other projects focus on small-scale non-profit organizations in the Third World. For some leaving the academy, the future lies in the prospect of a design studio, for others in a collaborative effort, for many in the commercial sector, while a few go on to a career in an institute. In short: Design Academy Eindhoven offers young people an excellent diploma for virtually all sectors of society.

International Role

Design Academy Eindhoven has the policy to establish as much exchange possibilities for students as are needed to support their development and study. Therefore a wide range of international collaboration is set out for this goal. However there is only limited space for incoming students. This is why, although we are open to establishing bilateral agreements, we do have our own selection procedure. Also because our course has a slightly different approach in comparison to most design courses.

National Role

Design Academy Eindhoven is a favourable partner in national, international and regional context. In collaboration with (inter)national companies, the so-called Friends of the academy, projects are carried out annually where creativity and manufacturing feasibility produce captivating results. The Design Academy is local partner in Brainport Eindhoven, an important regional development on Innovation and Knowledge Economy; Parties such as the Ministry of Economics and of Foreign Affairs consult the academy on the importance of design for the future development and innovation. Universities, such as TU/e, TU Delft, University of Wageningen and others seek collaboration having to do with our vision and the effects of this on the output of our students.

Main Focus

BA, MA, Design

Faculties and Departments

One academy, with 8 Bachelor studio's and 5 Master departments

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of Design: 4-year full-time programme (240 ECTS). 8 studio's (The Invisible Studio, Studio Collaborative Solutions, Studio Urgencies, The Morning Studio, Studio Identity, Studio Turnaround!, Studio Moonshots, Studio Living Matters) Joint foundation year.

Master Level Programs

Master of Design: 2 year full-time programme (120 ECTS). 5 design departments (Conceptual Design, Social Design, Information design, The Critical Inquiry Lab, Geo-Design)

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research is a crucial aspect of education at Design Academy Eindhoven. As well as playing a significant role in the work produced by our students on an individual basis, it also has a dedicated department.

The Research Department is a centre for excellence in the field of Design Research and encompasses the Academy’s research Professorships. These focus on collaborative, research-driven and interdisciplinary projects around specific themes or subjects, bringing together teams of specialists and researchers from academia, industry and the design community.

Flexible and responsive, the department tackles a range of subject and undertakes a wide variety of projects to reflect the latest thinking and concerns within the school, as well as global events, crises and challenges. It also spearheads collective, collaborative projects within the Academy, as well as with other institutions and organisations.

This programme is articulated through three interconnected strands: Diversity & Inclusion, Transdisciplinary Design Networks and The Non-School. 

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Students are offered a maximum of one semester for exchange. Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) has its own selection procedure based on an application form, the student’s portfolio and a motivation. DAE will look for the best match with our curriculum, but also looks at a variety in country and university where a student comes from.

Application Deadlines

Deadline for Fall semester (September – February) is May 1st. Deadline for Spring semester (February – July) is November 1st. Only after the deadline, the applications are reviewed. It is not possible to give any result until at least two weeks after the deadline.

Teaching Languages

Dutch and English

Semester Dates

Fall semester: September – mid-February. Spring semester: mid-February – mid-July


Bachelor: 500
Master: 200

Exchange Students

Incoming: 30
Outgoing: 40

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