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Delft University of Technology (DUT)

Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE)

Netherlands Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

IDE wants to continue to position itself as a leading educational and design research institute. To achieve this we need to be constantly active at the forefront that leads design research in contributing to design practice and the training of future designers.

International Role

IDE is collaborating with many design schools and institutions all over the world. We have over 50 exchange partners in education and numerous contacts with researchers. IDE is member of ICSID, BEDA (via CLICKNL|Design) and the International Design Research Alliance.

National Role

IDE and the design faculties of the other two universities of technology (Eindhoven and Twente) are united in the 3TU Research Centre Design United. This platform plays a leading role in CLICKNL|Design, the network for Design in the Netherlands, in which all national design organizations and business connections are represented.

Main Focus

Our mission is to contribute to the knowledge, skills, methods and professional attitudes in the field of integrated product development. We aim to achieve this through education and research at an internationally recognized scientific level, as befits our status as part of the Delft University of Technology. The Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering's concern is to study, innovate and improve the development of durable products and their related services for people, on the basis of the balanced interests of users, industry, society and environment.

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering departments: Design Engineering Industrial Design Product Innovation Management

Bachelor Level Programs

Industrial Design Engineering – 3 years

Master Level Programs

Strategic Product Design – 2 years
Integrated Product Design – 2 years
Design for Interaction – 2 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

Main research themes: Unlocking people – by motivating the individual for change, and empowering all to play their part individually or collectively Meaningful interactions – between people and technology to connect and enhance everyday life Let’s REdUCE – Design for sustainability and a circular economy Care for our health – Design for health

Doctorate Level Programs

PhD programme within the research programme – 4 years

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Industrial Design Engineering

Application Deadlines

1st April for Fall semester 1st October for Spring semester

Teaching Languages

Bachelor: Dutch and English
Master: English

Semester Dates

Fall Semester: 1 July Spring semester: 1 February

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

No tuition fee. Costs for exchange student approx.. € 800,– per month


Bachelor: 1150
Master: 850
Doctorate: 100

Exchange Students

Incoming: 55
Outgoing: 70

Teaching Staff

Professors: 30
Lectures: 120
Part-time Teachers: 55

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