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Mission Statement

We will demonstrate our core value of ‘excellence in education and student engagement’ by reflecting the changing nature of the learning experience. We will be recognised by our students and employers for providing a high-quality education and learning experience. We will deliver growth in student numbers at our UK campuses and overseas through partnership, collaborative delivery and joint ventures.

We will be nationally and internationally recognised within the academic, business and government communities as undertaking research of the highest quality that has impact beyond academia, yielding economic, social and cultural benefits.

International Role

Through our Student Mobility Service and other initiatives we will produce global graduates with attributes and capabilities enabling them to become global professionals and citizens, and successfully enter the international work environment. We will also develop a staff mobility programme that mirrors the success of, and demand for, our student mobility programme.

We will further enhance our international profile in line with our core value of being ‘global in our outlook’. We will address the challenges of preparing graduates for global careers and the generation of knowledge on global issues. We will maintain our position as the leading UK University for student mobility and an internationalisation experience.

We are, and will continue to be, recognised nationally and internationally by our students and strategic partners for the quality and diversity of our international education experience and student mobility opportunities.

National Role

Through our approach to enterprise and innovation, both within the University and our trading subsidiaries, we will contribute fully to the economic prosperity and knowledge society of Coventry and Warwickshire, the UK and the international economy.

We are, and will continue to be, recognised locally, nationally and internationally by our strategic business partners and governments as an enterprising and innovative University.

Through our activities, we will contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of the City, the region and other communities in which we operate. We will regularly evaluate our economic contribution in order to demonstrate our value to external and internal stakeholders. Staff and students at the University will engage widely with communities and will support, recognise and build on public engagement activities.

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Arts and Humanities- School of Art and Design, School of Media and Performing Arts, School of Humanities

Wider University:

  • Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing
  • Faculty of Business and Law
  • Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Bachelor Level Programs

  • International Relations BA
  • History BA, Music Technology Bsc
  • English and Creative Writing BA 
  • English and Journalism BA
  • French BA
  • English and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) BA,
  • Politics BA
  • Media and Communications BA
  • Sociology BA
  • Product Design BA
  • History and Politics BA
  • Dance BA
  • Sociology and Criminology BA
  • Photography BA
  • Games Art BA
  • Graphic Design BA,
  • Fashion BA,
  • Media Production BA
  • Architecture Bsc
  • Illustration and Graphics BA
  • French and Spanish BA
  • Automotive and Transport Design MDes/BA
  • Fine Art and Illustration BA
  • Journalism BA
  • French and International Relations BA
  • Spanish BA
  • Digital Media BA
  • Interior Design MDes/BA 
  • Theatre and Professional Practice BA
  • Illustration and Animation BA
  • Languages for International Business BA
  • Fine Art BA
  • Music BA
  • English BA

Master Level Programs

  • Contemporary Arts Practice MA
  • 21st Century Media Practice MA
  • Painting MA
  • Illustration and Animation MA
  • Graphic Design MA
  • Interior Design MA
  • Collaborative Theatre Making MA
  • Teaching English for Academic Purposes MA
  • English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics MA
  • Peace and Conflict Studies MA
  • Communication, Culture and Media MA
  • Global Journalism MA
  • Automotive Journalism MA
  • Maritime Security MA
  • Design and Transport MSc
  • Industrial Product Design MSc
  • Automotive Design MA
  • Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security MA
  • Diplomacy, Law and Global Change MA
  • International Relations MA

Research Activity and Main Areas

Mobility and Transport

Dance Research

Visual Arts Research


Doctorate Level Programs

PhD Studentships are offered on an individual basis.


Bachelor: 1300
Master: 400
Doctorate: 95

Exchange Students

Incoming: 118

Teaching Staff

Lectures: 80
Part-time Teachers: 40

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