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Council for Higher Education in Art & Design (CHEAD)

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Mission Statement

Providing effective leadership and support for art, design, creative media and related disciplines in Higher Education to inspire the next generation of creative professionals and world citizens and help shape the creative economy.

International Role

CHEAD has mainly been a domestic and European network and we are now we are in the process of extending our activities. Following visits to India in2018 and meetings with a number of Indian higher education institutions in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Ahmadabad, CHEAD is currently strengthening our links with Universities UK International Unit and EU organisations such as ELIA. CHEAD member institutions cater for c32,000 international students and have many research collaborations across the world.

National Role

CHEAD is a non-geographic organisation based in a number of universities across the four nations of the UK. We work with our domestic network of 60+ higher education institutions providing graduate and post-graduate courses in art, design and creative media to consult, inform, and shape the sector, provide relevant analysis and representation to governmental organisations as well as our membership, and to enhance collaboration across the sector. We work closely with relevant sector bodies including the Creative Industries Federation, Design Council, Crafts Council, GuildHE, University Alliance, Arts Council, All Party Design & Innovation Group and many others. CHEAD facilitates a Research Alliance, a Subject Association Alliance and a Gallery Network. CHEAD also run a very successful Leadership Development Programme.

Faculties and Departments

CHEAD is the representative body for the art and design higher education sector (HE AMD) in the UK. Its mission is to contribute to the development of the AMD community, its standing and stature as well as its engagement with the outside world. CHEAD provides leadership and an inclusive, cohesive body for and on behalf of HE AMD in the UK four nations, advancing knowledge and understanding in the sector and promoting the sector’s interests to government and other stakeholders.

Our 66 members include all types of higher education institutions (small-specialist, Russell Group, post-92 university, public as well as privately funded,)

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