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Concordia University

Department of Design and Computation Arts

Montreal , Canada Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The Department of Design and Computation Arts encompasses the areas of visual communication, the built environment, and interaction design, within the overarching principle of sustainability. We are an interdisciplinary design program integrating both a theoretical and creative approach.


International Role

Our faculty members are active researchers withing the Milieux Institute -milieux.concordia.ca and members of the Hexagram Institute, an international network dedicated to research-creation in media arts, design, technology and digital culture. We organize conferences, creative activities and have links with many research institutes world-wide, including the Hexa_OUT conference series: Hexagram.ca


National Role

Our Department is involved in many national initiatives, including Mission Design, the City of Montreal Unesco Design City, and collaborates with major design studios, including momentfactory.com, SidLee.com, cirque du soleil, gsmprjct.com. We collaborate with Université de Montréal and UQAM and with outreach community groups such as Équiterre.


Main Focus

Our Department houses two undergraduate programs (Bachelors degree in Design and a Bachelors degree in Computation Arts) and a Master’s of Design (MDes).


Faculties and Departments

Department of Design and Computation Arts


Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of Design – 3 years (90 credits) Bachelor of Computation Arts 3 years (90 credits)


Master Level Programs

Master of Design – MDes – 2 years


Research Activity and Main Areas

Research areas include: Sustainable design, Wearable computers, aboriginal cultures, sound design, game design, interactivity. info: xmodal.hexagram.ca, xslabs.net, obxlabs.net, absurdus.net


Doctorate Level Programs

Individualized Program -INDI PhD 3 years


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Visual communication, graphic design, product design, interaction design, computation arts, game design, sound design.


Application Deadlines

December 15 for the following academic year


Teaching Languages

English (Students may submit work in French)


Semester Dates

Fall semester: September 1 to December 20 Winter Semester: January 5 to April 25


Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

1000 Euros approx.



Bachelor: 240
Master: 24
Doctorate: 15

Exchange Students

Incoming: 6
Outgoing: 6

Teaching Staff

Professors: 10
Part-time Teachers: 25

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