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Chanapatana International Design Institute

Chanapatana International Design Institute

Thailand Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Your world is now open. We’re waiting for your first step.

It has been said many times that the whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going. We at Chanapatana International Design Institute believe in that mantra and encourage you to start expanding your future of possibilities now.

Founded in 2000, CIDI Chanapatana has set sail with a strong commitment to developing Thai designer and Thai products to be one of the leaders in the international arena. Hundreds of students from different parts of Thailand meet at our institute to explore various disciplines of design and pursue a common dream: to be a designer.

Our international professors, with years of experiences from both teaching in Italy and working with international-renowned design practices, understand what it takes to achieve and maintain the competitive edge in the creative fields. The school emerges the best curriculum and innovative curriculum, in which hands-on learning is emphasized, is designed to equip you with skills and expertise from the beginning to advanced stages. The different approach of thinking is embraced here to refine students’ own styles in order to become leading professionals in the design sector. At the end of the program, final works are put into the spotlight at the annual exhibition captured by leading media to show student’s very best works to the designer society. 


International Role

The school has the official relationship with IED in Italy and Spain for both semesters academic exchange and bridging degree programs, also with UDEM in Mexico for the semester exchange. Also to NID (India), Domus, NABA in Italy, University for the Creative Arts in the UK, the University of Lisbon in Portugal, University of Art and Design Belgrade in Serbia, as well as with the National Institute of Fine Art and Design in Uzbekistan.

The school opens for the visiting researcher and visiting professors to CIDI to conduct the workshops, seminars to enhance the network and exchange the knowledge with the design students. We are also collaborating with local Thai companies and external designers from overseas with various activities such as designer talks, workshops, field trips, internships and mentorships. For the international activities, the schools also support the students to enrich their branding and entrepreneurship project in Tokyo Fashion Fair, Bangkok Fashion Fair, International Bangkok Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, Vienna Fashion Week, etc.  

National Role

The school has strong partnerships and support from both the industrial sites with leading companies in Thailand, governmental units and also from local universities. 

CIDI Chanapatana has achieved academic cooperation of various types with public universities e.g. Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Phranakhon Rajabhat University, Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep, Thonburi Rajabhat University, Chulalongkorn Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University. Several public universities have sent their instructors to study at CIDI Chanapatana. 


Main Focus

Diploma and Bachelor Degree( top up) and also MA( Top Up) in Italy and UK with official partner follow the bridging program 2+2. 

Faculties and Departments

-Faculty of Fashion Design and Management

-Faculty of Interior and Product Design 


Bachelor Level Programs

-Diploma in Fashion Design at CIDI – BA Design (top up degree in NABA and UCA ) for Fashion Design

-Diploma in Interior and Product Design – BA Design (top up degree in UCA and NABA ) for Product Design or Interior Design 


Master Level Programs


Research Activity and Main Areas

-Eco design, Craft and Luxury (soft production)

-Eco Textile Arts, and Fashion Colors

-Visual Merchandising and Retailing 

-Space Living and Materials

-Lifestyle and Luxury Study

-User Experiences and Meanings of Product Design

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

-Exchange- open for non-member MOU with CIDI ( But must be a member of Cumulus): 5 students per year in which :3 for Fashion Design and 2 for Product/Interior Design *

*Please note The Production and Interior Design, is an emerged program. The exchange is valid for 1-semester exchange only ( 15 weeks ) with est. 25 Credit,  Our credit is equivalent to ECTS ( 1 ECTS = 30 hrs )

*Students apply the semester exchange, must complete at least 1-year program in their home university/college/institute before applying to CIDI. The student must also have a GPA of at least 3.0 above and a recommendation letter from the head of the faculty or year leader while sending the application to CIDI. 

*Seats will be offered to official partners (priority): IED(Italy), UDEM (Mexico), NID(India), AFAD (Slovakia), National Academy of Art & Design Uzbekistan, Ulsan University, UCA U.K, University of Lisbon, Portugal; University of Art and Design Belgrade, Serbia.

Application Deadlines

25th May, Annually- for September Semester

*September Intake normally starts from 2nd week of the month. 

*The students from partner MOU (officially signed) can take the semester exchange in both Jan intake and Sept intake, and the students from CUMULUS's institutes can take on September intake.

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Started: 2nd Week of September, annually and last for 15 weeks 

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

All cost here is estimated for basic standard:

-Accommodation (single studio) : THB 7,700 (Months) 

-Meals: 6,000 THB (Months)

-International Travel Insurance: All international student for exchange must obtain the ITI in their home country before arrival in Thailand and should cover at least 15 weeks during the staying in CIDI for study purpose. 

-Visa Fee: It is varied depended to Royal Thai Embassy in each country, but around 40-70 USD

-Study Materials: Not over than 10,000 THB per semester 

-Tuition Fee: Free of Charge 

-Postal Fee to Send the Transcript back to Registrar Office : * please note that the transcript from CIDI will be sent directly to the registrar office ONLY. The fee is up to the selected services but not more than 2,000THB for the postal.  Please contact International Office at CIDI for more information. 


Bachelor: 200

Exchange Students

Incoming: 5
Outgoing: 5
Others: 3

Teaching Staff

Professors: 8
Lectures: 8
Part-time Teachers: 3

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