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Chalmers University of Technology

Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Sweden Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The major competence at the Department of Industrial and Materials Science is in the areas of product design, product development and production systems development and in the interplay between these disciplines. Research at the Department focuses largely on shortening the lead time from needs to finished products while simultaneously achieving added value for the customer.

Bachelor Level Programs

Within the area of design, Chalmers offers a Bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering

Master Level Programs

Within the area of design, Chalmers offers a Master of Science in Industrial Design Engineering

Doctorate Level Programs

Ph.D. in Human-Technology-Design

Ph.D. in Product and Production Development

Application Deadlines

15 May

Teaching Languages

Swedish, English

Semester Dates

Study year: 1/9 – 30/5

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Approximately 8-10.000 SEK/month

Exchange Students

Incoming: 1

Teaching Staff

Professors: 7
Lectures: 15

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