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Mission Statement

It takes as its mission, as an active response to global technological, economic and social changes and the future pattern and economic model of China, to cultivate top design talents with Chinese cultural stance and global awareness while serving China’s national strategy for design-driven development.

Main Focus

In the face of the evolving circumstances, industrial changes, crises and challenges in the new era and in response to the new needs, news changes, new stages and new characteristics of design education in China, CAFA School of Design has integrated the design discipline with other professional clusters such as modern information technology, and created new directions, new standards and new value judgments in the new propositions, new methods, new technologies and new means raised in the new engineering, new medical and new agricultural sciences. With research into the global political and economic changes in the post-pandemic era, CAFA School of Design works to build a new cross-disciplinary teaching structure and resources integration platform dominated by crisis awareness, in an attempt to focus on thinking and acting in the context of the future survival modes of mankind.

Bachelor Level Programs

visual communication design, four years

product design, four years

digital media art, four years

photography art, four years

fashion design, four years

jewelry design, four years

mobility innovation (transportation) design, four years

art and technology, four years

innovation design, four years

social design, four years

ecological crisis design, four years

system design, four years

design studies, four years

Master Level Programs

For details of Master level programs at CAFA School of Design, please visit: http://design.cafa.edu.cn/en/list.html?category_id=6123541b2ed95d0010568431

Doctorate Level Programs

For details of Doctorate level programs at CAFA School of Design, please visit: http://design.cafa.edu.cn/en/list.html?category_id=6123541b2ed95d0010568431

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

visual communication design

product design

digital media art

photography art

fashion design

jewelry design

mobility innovation (transportation) design

art and technology

innovation design

social design

ecological crisis design

system design

Application Deadlines

End of May

Teaching Languages

Chinese, some staff can speak English

Semester Dates

Spring term: Feb-June 

Autumn term: September – January

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

30000RMB/year(appr. 3800USD) Tuition: 6000USD per year, rent: 1000-1500RMB monthly


Bachelor: 700
Master: 191
Doctorate: 33

Exchange Students

Incoming: 16
Outgoing: 16

Teaching Staff

Professors: 36
Lectures: 19
Part-time Teachers: 77

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