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Bucharest National University of Arts UNARTE

Design Department - Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design

Romania Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Provide students a flexible and up-to-date curricula for the present design education requirements, able to match the rapidly shifting technological and societal requirements.

Provide students a broad and sincretic set of skills as to achieve both a creative and adaptive attitude, oriented towards the community welfare

Generate graduates with competences matching the current paradigm shift environment (such as Zero Emissions goal)


International Role

UNArte is an ERASMUS Programme participant (Academic partners: Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Art Academy of Latvia, Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Academy of Fine Arts of Prague, Ecole Superieure d'Art et Design de Havre Rouen, University of Art and Design Linz, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, etc)

Students and Academics International Exchanges

International Conferences and Events (UNArte hosts  the Type Design Week in Romania)

Participation at International Design Competitions (Crystal Cabin Award University Section, Global Grad Show etc)

National Role

Oldest and leading art education university in Romania. The Design Departement is the first design education unit in Romania, founded in 1969 as Chair of Industrial Form Aestethics

Cooperation with George Enescu National University of Arts Iasi and University of Art and Design University Cluj-Napoca

Partner of "The most beautiful books" Graphic Design Competition

Partnership with Renault Design Center Europe (Romania HQ) – BA and MA in automotive design diplomas under common guidance.

Partnership with "The Institute", promoter of Romanian Design Week and Creative Industries "Diploma" and "Diploma Selected" Competitions

Main Focus

Bucharest National University of Arts UNArte focus is education – BA and MA in Graphic Art at the Faculty of Fine Art, BA and MA in Fashion Design, Scenography, Mural Art, Ceramic-Glass-Metal Art, Textile Art and Design, BA in Design (Graphic Design, Product Design and Interior Design) and MA in Product Design and Visual Communiation and MA in Ambient (Interior) Design at the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design

The Doctoral School, the Design Department, the Conservation& Restoration Department and the Art Theory and History Department are actively involved in Design Research projects

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Fine Arts (Painting Department, Graphic Art Department, Sculpture Department, Photography and Dynamic Image Department,  Art Pedagogy Department, Technico-theoretical disciplines Department)

Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design (Design Department, Fashion Department, Mural Art Department, Textile Art&Design Department, Ceramic-Glass-Metal Department, Stage Design Department

Faculty of Art Theory and Art History (Art Theory and History Department, Conservation and Restoration Department)

Art Education Department

Doctoral School

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in Graphic Art

BA in Design (Graphic Design, Product Design and Interior Design)

BA in Ceramic-Glass-Metal Art

BA in Textile Art and Design

BA in Scenography

BA in Fashion Design

BA in Mural Art

Master Level Programs

MA in Graphic Art

MA in Object Design and Visual Communications

MA in Ambient Design (Interior Design)

MA in Scenography

MA in Textile Art and Design

MA in Scenography

MA in Mural Art

Research Activity and Main Areas

Product Design Research (Fundamental principles, Sustainability, Sustanability education through design, Lateral thinking)

Graphic Design Research (Graphic Design, Typographic Design, Visual Communications)

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctorate in Arts

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

ERASMUS subject areas:

Interior Design ERA 02.2 

Design (Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Fashion, Textile) ERA 03.5

Arts (broad programmes) ERA 03.0

Fine Arts ERA 03.1

Photography, cinematography ERA 03.4

History of Art ERA 03.6

Vocational and technical Education ERA 05.4

Museum studies, conservation ERA 15.6


Application Deadlines

June 30 for the first semester

November 30 for the second semester

Teaching Languages


French for some subject areas

Semester Dates

First semester: October 1st – February 10th

Second semester: February 20 – July 1st

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

UNArte International Student Guide available at:



Bachelor: 998
Master: 376
Doctorate: 139

Exchange Students

Incoming: 25
Outgoing: 37
Others: -

Teaching Staff

Professors: 38
Lectures: 58
Other permanent teachers: 20
Part-time Teachers: 75

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