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Mission Statement

BRASSART is one of the first reference schools in France for Graphic Design and digital creation, 3D animation, VFX, video games, illustration, comics, concept art, web design and audiovisual. BRASSART is a private school which provides professional training recognized by the French State and by the Ministry of Labor, located in 14 different cities in France. Since 2019, MoPA animation school has become part of BRASSART.

Our mission is to ensure full employability for our students and therefore, we pay particular attention to giving them a complete academic and professional experience during their studies at BRASSART. Innovation is a key element in the teaching. Through close collaboration with our network of partner companies and partner universities students are encouraged to study and to do internship in France or abroad. Thanks to a personalized follow-up students get support in their personal and professional development. A dedicated career service oversees promoting job offers and keeping active the alumni network.


Our values:

Creativity: encourage students to develop their creation and innovation skills, to challenge themselves and sharpen their curiosity

Empathy: promote teamwork and offer optimal resources and best conditions for studying

Excellence: expect from students the best and reveal the potential of each student

Enthusiasm: stimulate passion and motivate each student to be themselves

International Role

Our international role is:

  • To train young talents able of adapting to multicultural environments in very globalized sector such as graphic design and digital creation.
  • To promote English language. English language is part of the teaching and a bilingual track in Graphic Design is available in English in Nantes. Brassart is planning to increase the number of paths taught in English at bachelor and master level.
  • To encourage students to go abroad. The international relation department and the corporate relation office support students in the definition and implementation of their projects abroad (study or internship).
  • To be an actor at european and international level, BRASSART is member of the Erasmus + program and is developing a network of international partners based in Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom… 
  • To be a key player in the professional and industry sector, BRASSART is planning to contribute to the design sector by organizing international conferences and inviting professional experts from partner school/universities. We have a project for 2023 of organizing an international design week.

Brassart is also member of Campus France and Campus Art network to recruit international students. We currently welcome 10 % of international students and aim to welcome always more students in the future.

National Role

With more than 14 campuses in France, our role is to prepare the leaders of tomorrow for Graphic Design and Digital Creation, 3D animation, VFX, Video Games, Illustration, Comics and contribute to the local economy. Every year our students participate to the to the big events related: MIFA international animation film market (Annecy), Paris game week, Game camp Lille.

Our role is to be a key player in different networks in the creative industry: network of French cinema schools, national video game syndicate, club of artistic directors and member of the game only association.

Our role is also to be close to the professional environment, to meet their needs by developing innovation in our teaching and to develop partnership with companies nationally and internationally: Ubisoft, LVMH, IKEA, DreamWorks, Apple, Gameloft, etc.

Our aim is also to build up a strong community of Alumni and professionals.

Main Focus

In the past, the focus was oriented on the BA (from 3 to 4 years) but in the future, Brassart is looking forward to focusing on masters level for the following specialisations:

  • Game design
  • 3D animation/Game arts
  • Game Design.

Faculties and Departments

The program starts with 1 year preparatory and from the second year students have to select one specialization and the academic department is composed of the following paths:

  • Graphic Design and Digital arts
  • 3D animation & VFX
  • Game design
  • Graphic arts and Illustration

Bachelor Level Programs

We offer BA's in:

  • Graphic Design and Digital arts (3 years)
  • 3D animation / Game art (3 years)
  • Game design(3 years)
  • Graphic arts and Illustration (4 years)
  • Game Design (3 years)
  • Animation (3 years – MoPA)

Master Level Programs

We offer MA's in:

  1. Graphic Design and Digital arts (2 years) – 3 specializations: Art Direction & Branding; Motion Content and Digital Thinking
  2. 3D animation / Game art (2 years)
  3. Game design(2 years) – 3 specializations: Production; game programming; Marketing
  4. Animation (2 years – MoPA) 

Research Activity and Main Areas

Due to the fact that we are not a university, our main mission is not research but professionalisation. Nevertheless, we have applied research project to create a fablab and a mooc in the upcoming years.

Doctorate Level Programs


    Subject Areas for Exchange Students

    • Graphic design
    • 3D animation and VFX
    • Graphic arts and illustration

    Application Deadlines

    Autumn term: May 15th

    Spring term: November 15th

    Teaching Languages

    French and English (Graphic design in Nantes)

    Semester Dates

    Autumn semester: Mid-September to January

    Spring term: Mid-January to end of June

    Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

    Housing : 400-700 euros/month

    Metro Card (annual) : from 230€ to 325€

    Meal: 5 – 15 euros


    We are partnered with student residences and we support students to find an accomodation upon arrival


    Bachelor: 2500
    Master: 460

    Exchange Students

    Incoming: 10
    Outgoing: 15

    Teaching Staff

    Professors: /
    Lectures: /
    Other permanent teachers: 40
    Part-time Teachers: 120

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