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Mission Statement

  • Educating visual communicators who highly exemplify the creative spirit and a commitment to professional attitudes in the fields of new media, animation, creative advertising, interior design, and furniture design.
  • Preparing students for strategic positions in service industries with a strong sense of ethics and entrepreneurship and who can make a contribution to society.
  • Improving the quality of life of Indonesians and the international community through good design.
  • Recognizing and rewarding the most creative and value-adding talents.
  • Designing creative products and conducting professional services in visual communication design with an emphasis on application of knowledge to the society

International Role

School of Design, BINUS University works actively in developing closer relationship with potential partners in order to fulfill its role to create, implement, and evaluate collaboration with international and local higher education institutions, industry, government and NGOs. BINUS University is proud to partner with over 120 foreign higher education institutions and a long list of partners and contributors from other walks of life. We are a member of ico-D and we work closely with LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand, Northumbria University, and many other partners.

National Role

BINUS University is committed to be a World Class School of Design in Indonesia. We receive A accredition for Visual Communication Design from Ministry of National Education. We are also an active member of National University Network of Indonesia (NUNI). Our local and national partners include education, government, and the public and private sectors.

Main Focus

Becoming a World Class School of Design based on Local Value and ICT in continuous pursuit of innovation and enterprise

Faculties and Departments


BINUS @Jakarta
Visual Communication Design Department

• DKV Animation Program
• DKV Creative Advertising Program
• DKV New Media Program

Interior Design Department
• Interior Design Program
• Furniture Design Program

Film Department

BINUS @Bandung
• Visual Communication Design
• Interior Design

BINUS @Malang
• Visual Communication Design
• Interior Design

BINUS @Semarang
• Visual Communication Design

Bachelor Level Programs

Under the scope of the School of Design, Visual Communication Design at BINUS University was founded in 1999. It is 4 years bachelor-level program. Students will receive Sarjana Seni (equal to Bachelor of Arts) in Visual Communication Design. The department is divided into three specialization programs i.e:

DKV Animation Program
In this specialization, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve problems relating to creativity, aesthetics visual arts, technology, and business model to support the 3D computer graphic.

DKV Creative Advertising Program
This specialization program is unique in providing creative education for future creative advertising people (art director/creative) allowing them to work together in creative teams to produce the best of contemporary advertising.

DKV New Media Program
This program will provide students with unique capabilities of information technology that can support the scientific development of Visual Communication Design into Print Media, Web Design, and Interactive Media. Students can apply their knowledge on many case studies such as branding, information design, design for the public, photography, illustration, typography, and web design into print and dynamic interactive media.


Based on the demand from society to create and develop competency and professionalism of interior designers, BINUS University has opened an Interior Design Program which focuses on the mixture of local culture and technology. Thus, students will be ready to stand before the global competition. It is a 4 years bachelor-level program. Students will receive Sarjana Seni (equal to a Bachelor of Arts) in Interior Design. The department is divided into two specializations i.e:

Interior Design Program
Aimed to become a world-class interior design program, BINUS University delivers international standard designers with strength in the local indigenous and latest technology. Interior Design graduates of BINUS University will become professionals in a global environment. Graduates will have the ability to design hospitality and commercial design.

Furniture Design Program
This specialization program aimed to educate students with skills in design that focus on the latest technology, eco-design, and local content. Students will be able to design creative interior products by conducting professional services that emphasize the application of knowledge to society. Graduates will have the ability to create furniture and interior design accessories.


The Bachelor of Film Study Program at BINUS UNIVERSITY delivers an integrated curriculum where an understanding of aesthetics, social and cultural knowledge, as well as business and technical skills, go hand in hand. We believe that filmmakers should create films not only with economic and business considerations but also to engage in constant dialogues with the audience. We also believe that cinema, as a part of mainstream visual culture, has been an indispensable subject of humanities with new terrains of knowledge waiting to be explored.

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research activity in School of Design, BINUS University is done by following research roadmap from each programs. Research topics that have been developed are focused on global issues and research priority in Indonesia. In order to enhance the numbers of research, School of Design has encouraged faculty members to involve in collaboration research, both internal and external. Main research areas focus on art and design, technology, interactive and digital media, local culture and tradition, greendesign, art education and pedagogy, design and material, creative industries, integrated design, interdisciplinary and collaborative projects.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All BINUS University International programs

  1. Business (International Accounting & Finance, Hospitality & Tourism Management , International Business, Business Management & Marketing)
  2. Computing & Media (Computer Science, Business Information Systems, Communication, Film)
  3. BINUS Northumbria School of Design – BNSD (Fashion Design, Fashion Management, Graphic & New Media, Interactive Digital Media)

We also have Global Class in Computer Science, Information Systems, Accounting, Management, International Business and Management, International Relations

Application Deadlines

Admission for Odd/Fall Semester: May 15
Admission for Even/Spring Semester: Oct 15

Teaching Languages

English, Indonesian Bahasa

Semester Dates

Odd/Fall Semester: September – February
Even/Spring Semester: February – July

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

USD 450-600/month (depending on lifestyle)


Bachelor: 2431

Exchange Students

Incoming: 166
Outgoing: 272
Others: 497

Teaching Staff

Lectures: 43
Other permanent teachers: 43
Part-time Teachers: 120

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