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Bezalel, Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Bezalel, Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Israel Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Established in 1906, Bezalel is the largest and oldest art and design school in Israel. Bezalel's long-lasting mission is to foster creativity, critical thinking, and excellency through broad-based education and practical skills proficiency. The promotion of forward-thinking through innovative pedagogy and interdisciplinary experimental research comes with an abiding commitment to Bezalel's distinguished legacy as a fundamental part of Israel's cultural foundation and its dedication to the immediate and broader community and society at large.

International Role

Bezalel has a longstanding history of international dialogue with over 200 art schools and a growing number of partnerships with cultural institutes and multinational companies worldwide. We believe that art and design education must incorporate and be engaged in a global context.  Our faculty and student participates extensively in exchange programs, and collaborating with international partners in an intercultural environment through mutual learning, and creative and research projects. This provides an ideal platform for innovative ideas and discourse to flourish. What more, during the year we have several special workshops open to international students and faculty, and focus on learning from Bezalel's unique geographical environment such as the city of Jerusalem as a study case, the Dead Sea and the Desert, etc.  

As Bezalel continues to lead the Israeli art and design scene, it also continues to be a prestigious player internationally, putting Israeli art and design on the spotlights and opening new avenues for Bezalel’s students and faculty.

National Role

Since Bezalel’s foundation, crafts and skills are an essential part of it, while at the same time, there is an unequivocal encouragement to cultivate cutting-edge ideas, materials, and directions. Each of Bezalel’s programs presents students with traditional knowledge, tools, and materials collected over decades, alongside hands-on workshops and research projects that use advanced software and state of the art technologies. This is how Bezalel became synonymous with more than 100 years of Israeli art, innovation, and academic excellence. Its faculty and graduates spearhead the art, design, and architecture ecosystem in Israel, shaping the country’s cultural identity. As an integral part of the curriculum, there are numerous collaborations with partner academies and cultural institutions, as well as with industries to develop a range of projects. Throughout their Bezalel experience, students and faculty are encouraged to take an active role in their surrounding communities, collaborating on various projects and making important and meaningful contributions to society.  

Main Focus

As a preeminent academic institution for arts and design, Bezalel’s mission is to educate, inform, and nurture the next generation of artists, designers, and architects:

 Drawing from local inspiration.  Bezalel urges its students to draw upon local inspiration; by examining the confluence of contrasting cultures, styles, and values that Jerusalem and Israel present, students are taught how such interaction produces more insightful and exciting possibilities.

Engaging with the world. To prepare our students to be part of an international conversation, our curriculum provides many opportunities to engage and respond to universal challenges by questioning, researching, defining, and redefining concepts and ideas and to offer new perspectives and solutions.

Championing diversity and independent thinking. Bezalel’s commitment to a diverse population of students and faculty is well reflected in their multifaceted profiles. Stemming from all segments of society, this dynamic mix of people of varied religious, cultural, and socioeconomic origins and affiliations enriches and energizes the Academy, furthering disparate viewpoints and stimulating original and independent thinking.

Melding past, present, and future.  Each of Bezalel undergraduate and graduate degree programs presents students with traditional knowledge, tools, and materials alongside hands-on workshops that use advanced software and state of the art technologies, styles, and methodologies to inspire and innovate.

 Connecting with the community. Throughout their Bezalel experience, students and faculty are encouraged to take an active role in the communities they live in to understand and demonstrate that as artists and designers their creative citizenship can make important and meaningful contributions to the world around them.

Bachelor Level Programs

Fine Arts
Ceramics & Glass Design
Industrial Design
Screen-Based Arts
Visual Communications

Jewelry & Fashion Design
Visual and Material Culture – 3 years program
Architecture – 5 years program

All of the above are 4 years' programs, unless otherwise is stated

Master Level Programs

Fine Art, MFA

Industrial Design, MDes

Master in Policy & Theory of the Arts, MA

Urban Design, M.Urb.Des

Visual Communication, MDes

All 2 years' programs

Research Activity and Main Areas

In Bezalel, new technologies and tools are being used to advance art and design building on traditional techniques and exploring new paths of self-expression, new concepts of esthetics, and new forms of communication.

Bezalel encourages its students and faculty to explore the intersection of art and technology, design and innovation, science and creativity, by introducing them to the requisite terminology and skillsets and mentoring them as they find their place in this expanding ecosystem.

Israel, which is renowned for its high-tech sector and entrepreneurial spirit, provides a fertile ground for this approach, and Bezalel is embarking on new alliances and affiliations both in Israel and abroad, building partnerships, collaborative projects, and entrepreneurial relationships with a vast network of universities and research and development centers, private companies, established businesses, fledgling startups, and non-profits organizations.

To develop effective ways of dealing with major global challenges, Bezalel students and faculty work closely with scientists, engineers, cognitive researchers, AI experts, clinicians, and social thinkers on topics such as: Healthcare, Assistive technologies, Climate Change: Ecology and sustainability, Human Augmentation, Art and Design Future Pedagogies and Learning, Craft in the 21st century, Smart Materials, The Future of Food, etc.

These collaborative efforts focus on channeling research results into entrepreneurial enterprises, creating solutions that will enhance everyday life, leading the way in this new era of advances and invention.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All Departments

Application Deadlines

Deadline for Fall semester is May 1 and for Spring Semester Nov 1

Teaching Languages

Hebrew, English

Semester Dates

Fall Semester: End of October to the end of January

Spring Semester: Mid. February to the end of June

The exact dates are varied each year.

We ask the exchange students to arrive for a week-long Hebrew Course before the start of the semester. 


Bachelor: 2000
Master: 350

Exchange Students

Incoming: 80
Outgoing: 150
Others: 10-20

Teaching Staff

Professors: 20
Lectures: 103
Other permanent teachers: 300

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