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Mission Statement

College of Arts of Beijing Union University dedicates to cultivate students who can inherit the national culture, explore the true artistic essence and develop innovative products and services for the industry with the better understanding of contextual knowledge and insight into the international role of the art and design. Oriented to the development of the cultural creative design industry, we focus on establishing an environment where the teachers can deliver inspirational teaching and researching to encourage students to explore and develop their own creativity.

International Role

International cooperation and exchange is a significant mission of the College of Arts of Beijing Union University. We have always paid great attention to international exchanges and cooperation and have established links with more than 20 universities across the world. Each year, our staff attends various training programs and academic activities abroad in countries such as the UK, the US, Germany, etc. The college receives visits of about 10 groups from different countries every academic year. An annual overseas training project has been set up to broaden the horizon of staff.

We endeavor to the internationalization of education and have developed various international exchange programs such as Dual Bachelor Degree Programs to equip students with international horizon and increase their international competitive edge. 

We are also engaging ourselves actively in participating different dialogues and communications with the local and world community through different art forms, which promotes people's understanding of culture and art, such as the art and design workshop in cooperation with University of Wales Trinity Saint David, the annual art and design competition and forum with Moscow University for the Humanities and the annual graduation fashion show with SUNY Buffalo State University of New York. All this has made positive contribution to the promotion of Chinese art and culture.

National Role

Upon the approval of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, College of Arts of Beijing Union University was founded in May of 2016 under the integration of the art and design departments of Normal College of BUU and the Advertising College of BUU, with several subjects can trace the history back to 1985, which continues to make a significant contribution locally, regionally to the cultural creative industries. 

The college collaborates with regional universities and institutions of the creative industry to maintain our reputation as one of the strong art schools. Recently sponsored by China National Arts Fund project, student works were showcased at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities. Sponsored by Beijing Culture and Arts Fund, our academic staff members and students are involved in the research of the endangered Chinese traditional handicraft and protection of the intangible cultural heritage. In collaboration with the Xicheng District Commission of Culture of Beijing Municipality, we have continued to work on annual joint activities. 

College of Arts of BUU is one of the founder members of Asia Pacific Design Education Alliance and co-founded the National Union of Art Education Experts. The college is also entitled Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Talent Training Base by the Beijing Municipality and accredited as Art Innovative Practice Demonstration Project by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.

In 2018 Ranking of Undergraduate Education in Chinese Universities, our work for the Digital Media Art subject was rated 9th in the 195 universities and the Fashion Design subject rated 29th in the 209 universities nationally by Network of Science and Education Evaluation in China.

Our partners and cooperation with organizations and networks of developing joint activities, providing professional practice and supporting students when they pursue their career including: Industrial Culture Development Center of MIIT, Beijing Gongmei Group, Summer Palace, Beijing Xicheng District Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, Beijing Animation and Game Industry Alliance, Beijing Furniture and Home Accessories Association, The Capital Library, Guangdong Industrial Design Community, Beijing Play Equipment Factory, Beijing Enamel Factory, Yandu Embroidery factory of Dingxing County, Nantong Indigo Museum, etc..

Main Focus

College of Arts of BUU focuses heavily on the practical higher education in the area of Design, Fine Art and Drama and Film, featuring with interdisciplinary research of inheriting the traditional art and design and innovation which highlights the deeper industrial understanding, the capability of artistic creativity and practice experience for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

Faculties and Departments

Department of Digital Media Art
Department of Creative Design 
Department of Fine Art
Department of Performing Art
Department of Craft Art

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in digital media art, 4 years
BA in fashion design, 4 years
BA in environmental design, 4 years
BA in visual communication design, 4 years
BA in product design, 4 years
BA in craft art, 4 years 
BA in painting, 4 years
BA in performing art, 4 years

Master Level Programs

MA in design, 3 years 
MA in pedagogy (vocational and technical education for art and design), 2 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

Our academic staff members are actively engaged in research in art and design-related fields. The college is currently running more than 20 ministerial level or higher research projects funded by the National Social Science Fund of China, the Ministry of Education, the National Art Fund, the Social Science Fund of Beijing and the Beijing Cultural and Art Fund. 

The college has four directions of researching: 
1. Cultural innovation and craft design 
2. Environmental design 
3. Visual Communication and media arts 
4. Design theory and creativity management

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Digital Media Art, Fashion Design, Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design, Product Design, Craft Art, Painting, Performing Art

Application Deadlines

Spring intake: September 30th

Autumn intake: March 31th

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Usually from the beginning of September to January
Usually from the beginning of March to July

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Application Fee: RMB 600 YUAN
Tuition Fee: N/A (based on exchange agreement)
Living cost: RMB 5000 YUAN


Bachelor: 1600
Master: 30

Exchange Students

Incoming: 20
Outgoing: 30

Teaching Staff

Professors: 12
Lectures: 58
Part-time Teachers: 12

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