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BAU – Arts and Design College of Barcelona

College of Arts and Design

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Mission Statement

BAU aims to develope the design teaching and profession from creative practice and ethical commitment, in constant respect with diversity and susteinability considering design as a transformative and social value.

International Role

BAU has an strong internatinoal character with students from more than 40 nationalities between bachelor and masters/postgraduates programs.

BAU has more than 30 agreements with universities from the EU and abroad and normally attending to international education fairs and congresses.

National Role

BAU has connections with other institutions of design and other collaborative areas on the city and abroad.


Main Focus

Bachelor in Fine Arts

Bachelor in Design

Masters in Design & Communication

PHD in Design & Communication 



Faculties and Departments

College of Arts and Design

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor in Fine Arts


Bachelor in Design







Master Level Programs

Masters and Postgraduates – own diplomas


Master in Research and Experimentation in Design (PhD)


Doctorate Program in Design and Communication

Research Activity and Main Areas

Gredits – group of design with several activities and congress www.gredits.org

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctorate in Design *School of Doctorate

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Erasmus and Exchange programs on the second, third and fourth year of the BA in fine arts and design.

Application Deadlines

January of each year for:

autum/winter semester from October to February

spring/summer from February to June.

Teaching Languages

Catalan, Spanish and English.

Semester Dates

1st: October to February.

2nd: February to June.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Studying for free due to the bilateral agreements we have.

Cost of living about 800 euros.


Bachelor: +600
Master: +250
Doctorate: +10

Exchange Students

Incoming: 40
Outgoing: 15 - 20

Teaching Staff

Professors: 100
Lectures: 150
Other permanent teachers: 25
Part-time Teachers: 25

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