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Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)

Faculty of Visual Art and Design

Indonesia Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

  1. To Implement educational activities and the development of teaching innovation by utilizing the information and communication technology to build academic atmosphere of creative, innovative, and interactive which is expected to produce human resources that not only has the advantage in the mastery of knowledge and skills (competent), professional, and independence (self-reliant), but also has integrity, openness in attitude (open-minded), and entrepreneurship;
  2. To carry out transdisciplinary-based research and community service activities to develop innovative art and design works based on the potentials of Indonesian culture in order to improve the creative competitiveness of the national industry in a global context.
  3. To encourage the inventory, development, and dissemination of work/art and design products based on tradition and culture, in order to preserve and maintain the continuity of knowledge and cultural values of Indonesia.

International Role

In the international level, Faculty of Visual Art and Design (FVAD) has developed its collaboration with partner universities such as Chiba University-Japan, Sangmyung University-Korea, and The Braunschweig University of Art in Germany, to increase academic exchange and joint-research. FVAD has also increased the participation in international academic forums, such as IASDR and DRS, while also initiating international and regional conferences and workshops within and outside Indonesia, thus through such knowledge sharing activities, FVAD can contribute actively in the development of design education and practice.

National Role

As the oldest art and design institution in Indonesia, FVAD has become a barometer for other institution in art and design education. FVAD has helped in developing the art and design curriculum in many national institutions as well as becoming the benchmark in art and design education. FVAD also contributed directly to the society, by actively integrating its researches and academic outcomes in developing various communities, especially those related to art, craft and design, to provide continuous support the creative industry in Indonesia.

Main Focus

To become a center of scholarly activities with strong based in art, design and craft that have cultural dimensions as well as the interaction and synergy of inter-disciplinary collaboration. To achieve that, we have three focuses in education: in academic (upgrading the quality of our alumni in all levels); research (developing applied art and design outcomes) and community service (contributing in the development of local societies through art and design).

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Visual Art and Design, consists of eight study programs: four undergraduate programs (Visual Art Program, Craft Program, Interior Design Program, Visual Communication Design Program and Industrial Design Program) and three graduate programs (Master in Visual Art and Master in Design ; and one Doctorate in Visual Art and Design). The faculty also coordinates the general lectures academic programs for all of ITB, which includes the Art and Humanities classes such as Religion and Ethics, Academic Writings and Civic Education. 

Bachelor Level Programs

1. Bachelor of Art in Visual Art Program: duration of study: 4 years

2. Bachelor of Design in Craft Program: duration of study: 4 years

3. Bachelor of Design in Interior Design Program: duration of study: 4 years

4. Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication Design Program: duration of study: 4 years

5. Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design Program: duration of study: 4 years

Master Level Programs

1. Master of Art in Visual Art Program: duration of study: 2 years

2. Master of Design in Design Program: duration of study: 2 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

We have 8 research groups under the faculty:
1.    research group of Visual Arts
2.    research group of Aesthetic and the Science of Art
3.    research group of Crafts and Traditions
4.    research group of Human and Interior
5.    research group of Human and Industrial Products
6.    research group of Visual Communication and Multimedia
7.    research group of Design and Visual Culture Sciences
8.    research group of Humanities

Doctorate Level Programs

1. Doctor in Visual Art and Design Program: duration of study: 3 years

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Visual Art (Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Art, Ceramic Art, Art Theory and Intermedia); Craft (Textile and Ceramic); Interior Design; Visual Communication Design (Graphic Design, Multimedia Design and Advertising); Industrial and Product Design; and Cultural Heritage.

Application Deadlines

Each year in July and December 

Teaching Languages

Indonesian and English

Semester Dates

Semester I: 24 August to 24 December

Semester II: 24 January to 24 May

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)



Bachelor: 797
Master: 131
Doctorate: 43

Exchange Students

Incoming: 38
Outgoing: 13
Others: 40

Teaching Staff

Professors: 2
Lectures: 109

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