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Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts

Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts

Azerbaijan Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Our university is founded on the belief that art is essetial to the development of our society and the well-being of its people. We aim to develop practice-oriented programs in the Arts in accordance with international standards.

International Role

We work hard on establishing partnerships with universities from different parts of the world. ASUCA has multiple MoUs with art universities in Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, UK, US and others. We are also working on creating internationally-oriented new programs and summer schools as well as participating in the existing ones all over the world.


National Role

Our university's goal is to collaborate with leading institutions across the globe in order to establish Azerbaijan as a center of higher education.

Main Focus

The Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, founded in 1923, is our country’s leading institution of higher education in the performing arts. Our university is a creative community of highly qualified specialists that train and prepare the next generation of artists. 

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty of Theatre 

Faculty of Music 

Faculty of Cultural Studies

Faculty of Audiovisual Arts

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in Fine Arts, BA in Design, BA in Graphic Design, BA in Interior Design, BA in Fashion Design, BA in Graphics, BA in Painting, BA in Decorative Applied Arts, BA in Carpet Art, BA in Tapestry, BA in Teaching of Fine Arts, BA in the Art of acting, BA in the Art of choreography, BA in Theatrical Studies, BA in Directing, BA in Musicology, BA in Solo singing, BA in National instruments performance, BA in Film Directing, BA in TV Directing, BA in Camera Operation, BA in Artistic creativity and Screen dramaturgy, BA in Cinematography, BA in International relations, BA in Management, BA in Art critisism, BA in Museum Studies and Archival work, BA in Tourism and hotel management, BA in Bibliography, BA in Librarianship, BA in Sociology, BA in Social Work.

Duration of study – 4 years

Master Level Programs

MA in Graphics, MA in Painting, MA in Decorative art, MA in Design, MA in Art Critisism, MA in International relations, MA in Art critisism, MA in Museum Studies and Archival work, MA in Bibliography, MA in Film and TV Directing, MA in Camera Operation, MA in Artistic creativity and Screen dramaturgy, MA in Cinematography, MA in the Art of acting, MA in the Art of choreography, MA in Theatrical Studies, MA in Directing.

Duration of study – 1,5 – 2 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

Music history and theory, culture history and theory, etno musicology, history of theatre, museum studies, applied arts, decorative arts, painting and others.

Doctorate Level Programs

DA in Theatrical art, DA in Art of music, DA in Television, Film and other screen arts, DA in Fine Arts, DA in Decorative Applied Arts



Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Painting, Theatre, Design, Music

Teaching Languages

Azerbaijan, Russian

Semester Dates

September 15 – June 30 (approximately)


Bachelor: 2363
Master: 264
Doctorate: 11

Exchange Students

Incoming: --
Outgoing: --
Others: 2

Teaching Staff

Professors: 37
Lectures: 78
Other permanent teachers: 310
Part-time Teachers: 178

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