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School of Design & Creative Arts

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Mission Statement

Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) is merging with Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) and Institute of Technology Sligo (ITSligo) on 1st April to form the 'Atlantic Technological University' (ATU). 

To educate and inspire people and develop talent to accelerate the sustainable economic, social and cultural development of our region and beyond. 
To be renowned for building capacity and community in our region through flexible and excellent academic programmes, collaborative and experiential learning, advancing knowledge through research and engagement, provision of lifelong learning and
undergraduate, postgraduate remote and enterprise based education.

International Role

The School of Design & Creative Arts has been involved in international collaboration on projects with a range of partner institutions in Europe and beyond over many years. The school also has a significant track record with student and staff exchanges, and international placements.

National Role

The School of Design & Creative Arts has programmes based on two of GMIT's five campuses. The school has significant engagement with the national industry sectors and is a founder member of  ' Creative Enterprise West' (CREW) and the 'Irish Wood and Furniture Manufacturers Association' (IWFMN). The Galway campus is also home to collaborating organisations such as Creative Europe, Galway film Centre, Western Audio Visual Producers (WRAP) Fund, UNESCO City of Film, and RTE West Studio (Irish national broadcaster). The school also has significant engagement with industry through projects, placements, and work-integrated learning.

Main Focus

Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in

Design, Film, Documentary, Contemporary Art, Animation, Game Design, Creative Media, Storytelling

Furniture Design, making & technology

Teacher Education (Second-level) for creative and practical disciplines

Faculties and Departments

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

School of Design & Creative Arts


  • Creative Arts & Media
  • Furniture Design & Technology
  • Creative Education

Bachelor Level Programs

BA (Hons)/BA/HC Contemporary Art

BA (Hons)/BA Design

BA (Hons) Film & Documentary

BSc (Hons)/BSc/HC Furniture Design & Manufacture

BSc (Hons)/BSc/HC Furniture Making & Architectural Woodworking

BSc (Hons) Education (Design Graphics & Construction)

B.Ed. (Hons) Art, Design & Graphics


Master Level Programs

MA by Research

MSc by Research

MA in Creative Practice

MA in Teaching & Learning

Research Activity and Main Areas

Creative Practice

Digital Creative Industries

Furniture and Wood Products

Education Practice

Doctorate Level Programs

PhD by Research

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Design, Film, Documentary, Contemporary Art, Animation, Game Design, Creative Media, Storytelling

Furniture Design, making & technology

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates




Bachelor: 6000
Master: 250
Doctorate: 25

Teaching Staff

Lectures: 500

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