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Faculty of Art and Design

Amman , Jordan Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

​Faculty History and Objectives:​


Faculty of Arts and Design began its career as a department of Fine Arts and includes two specialization, graphic design and interior design in the academic year 1992/1993 as one of the departments of the Faculty of Science, and later the Faculty of Arts before becoming the first Faculty of Art and Design in Jordan under according to the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, No. 285 Date 22 / 08/ 2007.


The main motivation for the emergence of the Faculty is to provide specialized technical environment in the design which will provide students in the university community and the general public Jordanian community with new level of awareness of the concept of art and design, and it has a significant role in creating a culture in a new design. The Faculty Graduates has a significant role in the spread of this culture through their presence in different locations within a design industry market in Jordan and abroad to represent the faculty best representation.




1- The Faculty seeks to remain fulcrum in design education in Jordan to create new levels of awareness in the art and design disciplines within the graphic design and interior design and the design for the digital media and fashion design in the future. So the awareness will be among academics, students and the community.

2- The Faculty seeks to teach those generations who are able to play the role of the nucleus distinct ideology and practice of graphic and interior design. And serve as a knowledge organization and information inspiring for its academic staff and students. Through the development of tools and methods of design and education, this will reflect on the performance of teachers and students and the quality of their thinking and their production.

3- Highlight the importance of arts and design through programs offered by the faculty, which gives students the efficiency and the ability to create and innovate and to develop optimal solutions for their designs when they reach the design industry market.

4- Organize activities, meetings and annual art exhibitions, which aims to supplement the teachers and students with the knowledge and information and the promotion of new students and their creations to bring more of the faculty excellence in teaching.

5- Consolidating and integrating bonds of partnership between the faculty and government institutions and non- governmental organizations in Jordan to serve the local community and humanitarian service.

6- Develop its relations with specialized global design organizations, for the advancement of education and encouraging and supporting excellence in education and research design.

7- Consolidating its relationship with its alumni and to cooperate with them and take advantage of their professional expertise.

International Role

As part of our startegy and the way we look at our curriculum, we aim  to aspire our student as professional, we offer them the opportunity to step out of a familiar environment and observe another culture, where the role and status assigned to designers may be radically different than the Jordanian., it fosters creative insights, encourages independence, and prepares students to negotiate difference and adapt to unfamiliar situations. This changed perspective gained through a process of observing, adapting and adjusting to enable student be better global and competitive for employment, fellowships and graduate school.In teh last 5 years we started bridging our faculty with a number of school in the UK , USA and Slovenia, we are engaged with a number of the international  association and mainly we are active by being members of ico-D.

National Role

FAD/ASU  is committed to its role within the region and nationally. The faculty pursue its mission across full range of activities, the faculty focused on fulfilling the following commitments which encapsulate the Institute’s priorities, ethos and values:

– A student-centred institution

– Delivers career-focused education

– Provides local and regional market with equiped designers

– Provides inclusive access to higher education through its realtion network

– Makes a positive contribution to the academic, economic, industrial, social and cultural life of the region and beyond. Furthermore, its staff, students and graduates are aware of the importance of ethical behaviour and social responsibility across all economic, social and cultural domains.

Main Focus

BA in Graphic Design,Interior Design, Fashion Design, Design for Digital Media and MA interior design.

Faculties and Departments

The Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Applied Science (ASU) is a pioneer in teaching art and design since the establishment in 1992 as a Department of Fine Arts, as well as in 2005 as a Faculty of Art and Design, the faculty has managed since its inception until now to supply the local and the Arab market with qualified staff in graphic and interior design. However, the increasing of using the advanced way of thinking so as to solve the global complex problems, leads the Faculty of Art and Design to pursue new methods in teaching art and design.

In the Faculty of Art and Design, you will find a diverse community , Jordanian and Arabs students who believe in developing their tools and methods of thinking monetary and creative, which implements what they are asked of the tasks of design aimed to serve Human and Society, through a set of laboratories and halls correlated and assigned to practice design, which makes them qualified to practice the design process, which will support them to achieve the desired efficiencies, and abilities.


Through a four years journey, through which the Students receives a combination of education and counseling by a team of academics, practitioners of Art and Design who focus their joint efforts and integrated in supplying students with science and specialized knowledge to enable them to weave the various areas of expertise , urging them and motivate them to develop their tools in thinking , planning and implementation .


ASU Faculty of Arts and Design provides students with the possibility of specialization in graphic design, design for digital media or interior design and perfecting practice these three majors' theory and application. Through practical experience that they receive in the field of work which qualifies them to work within the team and qualify them to apply what they have learned on what they are asked in the market for the design industry .


These capabilities and other environmentally friendly creative and innovative to the Faculty of Arts and Design to move beyond what is traditionally through a network of relationships with international organizations specialized in the design and Academic ties with a group of institutes and universities in Europe and America, which enable them to promote the product of students locally, regionally and globally.


Traditional creative embodied by the faculty alumni, who are leading their fields through creativity and innovation in their work sites in the design industry.​

Bachelor Level Programs

Faculty of Art and Design seeks to improve the education of graphic design. design for digital media and interior design specialisations, aiming to equip students with the right knowledge and skills to deal with rapid changes in the design industry world. Students will be equipped with the ability to be innovative and creative, effective communicators and problem-solver. These skills and attributes are much needed in the design market.

The Faculty is keeping an eye on the nearest future to start new program in Fashion design.


Master Level Programs

MA Interior Design 

Research Activity and Main Areas

– Design Education

– Design Sychology

– Visual Language

– Cullicrum Development

– Design Education Methods

– Design education Environment.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

we do students exchange in subject areas related to graphic design, interior design and design for digital media.

Application Deadlines

Not available

Teaching Languages

Arabic and  English

Semester Dates

24-9 / 30-1  First Semester

11-2/ 10-6    Second Semester

24-6 / 2-9    Summer semester

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

1000 Euro


Bachelor: 480
Master: 17

Exchange Students

Outgoing: 25
Others: 25

Teaching Staff

Professors: 11
Lectures: 10
Part-time Teachers: 3

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