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International Role

In order to strengthen the role in the global educational processes, the Art Academy of Latvia has become a member of several international organizations and strategic networks: International Association of Universities  and Colleges of Art, Design and Media CUMULUS, the European League of Institutes of Arts ELIA and its sub-network PARADOX, the Program of the Nordic Council of Ministers NORDPLUS, the Nordic-Baltic Network of Art and Design Education CIRRUS and the Network of Nordic-Baltic Fine Art Academies KUNO.

International competitiveness is facilitated by the participation in exchange programs such as KUNO, CIRRUS, European and International Erasmus+, which has established a close network of cooperation with a lot of the leading art and design universities in Europe and also in non-European countries: we have cooperation agreements with more than 140 partner universities.

National Role

The AAL have the rapresenatives in the Art and Design Councils by Ministry of Culture. The AAL is one of the founders of the Latvian Design Foundation together with the University of Latvia and the Riga Technical University and three industrial associations: Association of Latvian Furniture Industries, Latvian Light Industries (Textile and Garment Industries), Latvian Engineering and Metal-processing Industries.

The Academy also organises and involves in various local and international projects, exhibitions, symposiums, mobility programs and other creative activities with aim to provide students the opportunity to broaden their view, gain new experiences and establish new contacts between professionals in different art and design fields – both nationally and globally.

Faculties and Departments

Art [2D] Faculty, Faculty of Visual Plastic Art [3D], Design Faculty, Faculty of Audio-Visual Media Art, Faculty of History and Theory of Art and Theory of Culture

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of Arts (4 Year Program) – Painting, Graphic, Textile, Sculpture, Ceramics, Glass, Fashion, Functional design, Metal Design, Environmental Art, Visual Communication, Motion.Image.Sound, Stage Design, History and Theory of Arts, Restoration.

Master Level Programs

Master of Arts (2 Year Program) – Painting, Graphic, Textile, Sculpture, Ceramics, Glass, Fashion, Functional Design, Metal Design, Environmental Art, Visual Communication, Stage Design, History and Theory of Arts, Restoration.

Service Design Strategies and Innovations (International Masters program) https://www.sdsi.ma/ 

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctor of Arts ( 3 Year Program) – History and Theory of Arts

Subject Areas for Exchange Students


Application Deadlines

May 15 (Autumn Semester)

November 1 (Spring Semester)

Teaching Languages


English (various international mobility programmes)


Semester Dates

First Semester: September-December Second Semester: January-June

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

400-500€ Additionally for foreign degree students 3000€/year (school fee)


Bachelor: 442
Master: 173
Doctorate: 2

Exchange Students

Incoming: 40
Outgoing: 35

Teaching Staff

Professors: 73
Lectures: 20
Other permanent teachers: 14
Part-time Teachers: 23

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