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Mission Statement

In Dessau, the city of the Bauhaus, we are approaching complex demands arising from a rapidly changing world with progressive design solutions. Our model of integrated design is in the tradition of the avantgarde. Here the different design disciplines act in concert in order to approach fundamental questions and holistically effective interventions.

International Role

Our mission is to help establish and expand sustainable value creation in the region through the development and transfer of innovations with our core competencies in the research focus areas and via close networking with the regional economy and society and network these regional innovation systems internationally. This mission contributes to tackling important future tasks such as climate change, energy transition, structural change, digitalization and nature conservation.


National Role

The "Innovative University" funding initiative strengthens applied for sciences universities, particularly in the performance area of research-based idea, knowledge and technology transfer in 29 funded projects nationwide. The focus is on the regional anchoring of universities and their contributions to innovation in the economy and society, i.e. it takes into account the "third mission" of universities in the knowledge triangle – education, research and innovation.



Main Focus

Integrated design means breaking down the classic boundaries between the design disciplines of communication, product and media design, ignoring traditional divisions and finding better solutions with new approaches. Because: "Problems do not respect borders", as Charles Eames, the American design legend, already knew. And more than ever, today's professions demand interdisciplinary skills and complex thinking.

The unique selling point of the design degree programme in Dessau is the freedom to choose and combine design disciplines. After completing the basic training, the students form their own individual study profiles that promote personal talents and allow them to discover their own talents. They are free to focus on design disciplines or to study interdisciplinarily.

Faculties and Departments

Department of Design

Bachelor Level Programs

Integrated Design (BA)

Master Level Programs

MAID – Master Integrated Design (MA)

MID – Master Intermediales Design (MA)

COOP/Design Research (Msc)

Research Activity and Main Areas

At the school of design, we see research as an integrated field for experimentation that is unifying multiple and diverse themes in exploration. Using the tools of design research, we study processes, spaces, materials and data, as well as their connections, intersections, and touchpoints. Currently we are conducting research around the following thematic clusters:

1.     Material and technology, especially in the areas of smart and bio materials, haptic surfaces, adaptive systems, generative & parametric design, and digital fabrication.

2.     Design innovation, especially in the areas of creative spaces, visual innovation tools, and design thinking.

3.     Holistic user-experience, especially in the areas of mobility, big data, and artificial intelligence

4.     Transition design, design for the society and social change, resilience, and alternate economies

Doctorate Level Programs

Dr. phil. (3–4 years)

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

COOP/Design Research (Msc):


MAID – Master Integrated Design (MA):


Application Deadlines

COOP/Design Research (Msc):

16 Dec – 15 May (Extended due to COVID-19, was April 15. Try to submit as early as possible.)


MAID – Master Integrated Design (MA):

The deadline to join in the following winter begins in January and ends April 30th. The deadline to join in the following summer begins in July and ends October 31st.



Teaching Languages

German, English

Semester Dates

Winter Semester: 1 October – 31 March / Summer Semester: 1. April – 30. September

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

As of the 01.01.2021 international students are required to have a minimum of 861 Euro per month available in order to extend your study permit.




Bachelor: 430
Master: 107
Doctorate: 4

Exchange Students

Incoming: 40
Outgoing: 5
Others: 2

Teaching Staff

Professors: 12
Lectures: 10
Other permanent teachers: 2
Part-time Teachers: 4

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