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Mission Statement

The Facultyof Digital Media and Creative Industries educates students to become independent professionals in the work market of the future. The faculty works on solving societal issues in and around Amsterdam. The faculty encourages innovation and professionalisation of companies and organisations.

International Role

Amsterdam is a truly international city with a cosmopolitan population. Approx. 175 nationalities. Many international companies have their European offices here. We supply the workforce for this metropolitan area. We have nearly a hundred partner institutions around the world with which we do regualr semester exchanges of students as well as of lecturers.  With a smaller number of partners we are exploring co-creation of new programmes with short-term student exchange, symultaneous running of projects and collaboration between studentss in different countries using new technology. Our work field is international by nature and we particularly try to work together with the most connected cities in the world.

National Role

Situated in the centre of Amsterdam and as the largest univeristy of applied sciences in the the Netherlands AUAS and the faculty DMCI play a major role in educating graduates for the international workplace that the Amsterdam metropolitan area is. We work together with the Amsterdam City Council and with businesses in the area to make sure that the skills of our graduates meet the changing needs of the local and interntional work place.

Main Focus

Traditionally the AUAS is focused on Bachelor education, hence the much larger number of programmes at this level. However in recent years we have moved to much more applied research and also to offering master level programmes as well as flexible and modular education. The goal is always to prepare students for the work place.

Faculties and Departments

  • AMFI Fashion Institute
  • Communication and Creative Business
  • Communication and Multimedia Design
  • Computer Science
  • Digital Society School
  • CreateIT – Centre for Applied Research

Bachelor Level Programs

  • Bachelor of Science: 4 year programmes in Fashion Technology and Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Arts: 4 year programmes in Communication, Creative Business, Communication and Multimedia Design


Master Level Programs

  • Master Applied Artifial Intelligence, One year programme
  • Master of Digital Design, Master of Science, One year programme

Research Activity and Main Areas

CREATE-IT is the applied research centre of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries. Here, professors, lecturers, students and researchers conduct applied research in collaboration with universities and other knowledge institutes, and the Creative Industries and IT sector. The results of our research greatly benefit the professional as well as the academic field, and keep our educational programmes on the cutting edge. Research always has a digital element and looks at the societal impact of media, technology and design.

  • Fashion research  & Technology,  Network Cultures
  • Cross Media, Visual Methodologies
  • Digital Life, Play & Civic Media

please see:  https://www.amsterdamuas.com/kc-fdmci

Doctorate Level Programs

We currently have 15 Doctorate candidates working in our research centre. Our research professors work for us for 50% and at an academic universityfor another 50%. As a univeristy of applied sciences we do not run Doctorate programmes ourselves.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

  • Fashion (design, branding and management)
  • Communication
  • Media
  • Interface and multimedia design
  • Computer Science
  • Inter-disciplinary projects between the above subjects

Please see:


Application Deadlines

Approximately 1 March and 1 November

Teaching Languages

Dutch and English

Semester Dates

  • 1 September –  end January
  • 1 February-  end of June

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Approximately € 1000,- per month


Bachelor: 10000
Master: 50
Doctorate: 12

Exchange Students

Incoming: 200
Outgoing: 200
Others: ?

Teaching Staff

Professors: 136
Lectures: 360
Other permanent teachers: 176
Part-time Teachers: 491

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