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Mission Statement

To train designers for Africa and The World

National Role

We have partnered with various national companies to bring digital solutions as services to theirs needs. They initial present uns with a problemactic or an issue and we profer solutions, digital to these problems.

Main Focus

Train the designers of tomorrow, adaptable and versatile, capable of tackling varied design projects in a constantly evolving world

Faculties and Departments

We have 4 departments

– Digital Design

– Graphic Design

– Space Design

– Object Design

Bachelor Level Programs

3 years to obtain DN MADE(National Diploma in Arts and Design):
DNMADE in Digital Design
DNMADE in Graphic Design
DNMADE in Space Design
DNMADE in Object Design

Master Level Programs

2 years after DNMADE (Bachelor) to obtain

Masters in Innovation Design Strategy 

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

– Digital Design

– Graphic Design

– Space Design

– Object Design

Application Deadlines



Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Begining – September
Ending – January

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

3700 €


Bachelor: 94
Master: 19

Exchange Students

Incoming: 113

Teaching Staff

Lectures: 71
Other permanent teachers: 4
Part-time Teachers: 67

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