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Accademia Italiana arte moda e design

Accademia Italiana arte moda e design

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Mission Statement

The Accademia Italiana is an international school with campuses in Florence and Rome, Italy. Founded in 1984, the Accademia was the first Florentine school of art, fashion and design operating on an international level, accepting students from all over the world and from every region in Italy. Today it ranks as one of the most qualified European Institutes of artistic and professional training. Graduates of the Accademia Italiana are currently covering important roles in industries or have received substantial recognition in their professional field. The Accademia Italiana welcomes Italian and international students to attend bachelor's and master's level programs in the fields of Fashion, Design, Photography, Graphic Design and Jewelry, placing high value on the creativity and professionalism of our graduates to design a better and more sustainable future.

International Role

The Accademia Italiana was founded as an international Institute and from the very beginning has welcomed students from all over the world to study art and design in two of Italy's most beautiful and exciting cities. Nearly half of the student body comes from countries other than Italy. At the Accademia Italiana these international students are integrated into the courses together with their Italian colleagues where to facilitate this process, teaching is bilingual (Italian and English). The benefit is not only for the international students but also for the Italian students who thus enjoy the opportunity to compare and confront their ideas in an international environment. In addition to the significant percentage of degree-seeking international students, the Accademia Italiana has developed an important network of US universities that send study abroad students from their design programs to attend semester, year-long or summer sessions, integrated into the regular design programs in Florence and Rome. This provides an even greater opportunity for exchange and growth for all concerned.

National Role

One of the most important aspects of the teaching philosophy of the Accademia Italiana is the importance of "real world" experience. For this reason the Accademia has built a network of Italian industries with whom collaboration exists on various levels. Research projects, conferences, workshops, internship and professional placement opportunities all grow out of the important synergy that the Accademia Italiana has created in the Design world throughout Italy.

Main Focus

The main focus of the activities of the Accademia Italiana regards the preparation of professionals in the design field. The bachelor's and master's programs offered are all geared towards research and development in the areas of Fashion, Design, Photography, Graphic Design and Jewelry. 

Faculties and Departments

Fashion Design

Design (Interior and Product)

Graphic Design


Jewelry Design

Bachelor Level Programs

Fashion Design

Design (Interior and Product)

Graphic Design


Jewelry Design

Master Level Programs

Fashion Design and Management

Fashion and Textile Design

Interior Design

Product Design

Graphic Design



Research Activity and Main Areas

The research activities at the Accademia Italiana are centered mainly on new materials and processes in the various Design fields, keeping current with new trends and new technologies, and seeking new uses and solutions for a future that places ever more emphasis both on creativity and sustainability.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

The Accademia Italiana welcomes student exchange in all design areas. During the regular academic semesters students may attend basic or upper-level programs in Fashion, Interior, Industrial, Graphic or Jewelry Design and Photography. Basic and some upper-level programs of all of these areas are offered in the summer sessions.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline for fall semester or all-year programs is April 30, for spring semester October 31. Applications for summer session must be sent before April 15.

Teaching Languages

All practical subjects at the Accademia Italiana are taught bilingually (English and Italian). Theory courses are divided into English language and Italian language groups and students may choose which they prefer to attend.

Semester Dates

Fall semester runs from September 14 to December 22 (approx.), spring semester runs from January 15 to may 20 (approx.) and summer session is held from June 14 to July 24 (approx.).

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Tuition fees for one semester are currently €7000 ($US 8400). Housing costs generally run around €600 per month (in private apartments shared with other Accademia students), and living expenses depend on the lifestyle of the individual student, but are generally between €500 – 1000 per month. Tuition fees for the 6-week summer session are currently €2900 (US$ 3500).


Bachelor: 450
Master: 10
Doctorate: n/a

Exchange Students

Incoming: 100
Others: 50

Teaching Staff

Professors: 70
Lectures: 10
Other permanent teachers: 20
Part-time Teachers: 50

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