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Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

Czech Republic Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

AAAD Prague provides university education in architecture, art and design on both practical and theoretical level. The studies have the character of individual work in studios and are supplemented by lectures on art history and theory as well as wide range of complementary courses.

International Role

AAAD cooperates with art schools from all over the world. Erasmus+ is our major mobility program. Student exchanges based on bilateral agreements with non-European universities are supported as well. Since 2006/2007 we have been accepting international students into our Visual Arts post-graduate program taught in English. International cooperation includes also participation in international exhibitions, shows and competitions, transnational projects with business and industry, science and research.

National Role

AAAD cooperates with other art academies or art faculties on national level as well as  technical universities, industrial and business companies, media, studios, agencies, art galleries and museums, design centers, public bodies and municipal authorities.

Main Focus

Bachelor, master and doctoral programs in architecture, design, applied and fine arts, graphic art, art history and theory

Faculties and Departments

6 departments: Architecture Design Applied Arts Fine Arts Graphics Art Theory and History

Bachelor Level Programs

In Czech language: in all art disciplines (4-years), not in architecture

Master Level Programs

In Czech language:

architecture (6-years or follow-up 3-years); in other art disciplines (2-years); history and theory of design and new media (2-years)

In English language: Visual Arts (2 years)

Research Activity and Main Areas

Architecture, design, intermedia, new technologies

Doctorate Level Programs

In Czech language:

Theory and Art History of Modern and Contemporary Art (4-years)
 Fine Arts – architecture and design; graphics and visual communication; fine and applied arts (3-years)     


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All 26 studios of AAAD Prague (architecture, design, applied arts, fine arts, graphics)


Application Deadlines

15 May for the 1st  semester ;   15 October for the 2nd  semester

Teaching Languages

Czech, English

Semester Dates

1st semester: October-January

2nd semester: February-June

All necessary information for exchange students: 




Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

15 000 CZK (600 EUR) min.


Bachelor: 280
Master: 170
Doctorate: 20

Exchange Students

Incoming: 80
Outgoing: 85
Others: 20

Teaching Staff

Professors: 14
Lectures: 62
Other permanent teachers: 65
Part-time Teachers: 110

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