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Human-centered design thinking, when rooted in universal and sustainable principles, has the power to fundamentally improve our world. It can deliver economic, ecological, social and cultural benefits to all people, improve our quality of life and create optimism about the future, and create individual and shared happiness.
(The Kyoto Design Declaration, 2008)


Dear Cumulus Friends,

we have just elected the new Cumulus Executive Board VIII. This message reaches you few days after the General Assembly, so to give some time and breath to the words.

First and foremost, I would like to thank you our Honorary President Mariana Amatullo and the Board members, which I collaborated with in the last three years: Jose Manuel Allard, Adam de Eyto, Philipp Heidkamp, Michael Krohn, Teemu Leinonen, Anne Pikkov, Rachel Troye, Robin Turner, Xiao Yong. Soon, Cumulus is becoming a registered association in Finland: I believe all the work done so far is significant and the outcome will remain as the foundation bricks to build on future endeavours for the Cumulus community.

Thank you to Aalto University, thank you to the Secretary General Eija Salmi and to the Secretariat: they have certainly ensured continuity of this association in the years to come.


I already had the chance to send a message to many of you, to thank you for the large support from many parts of the world and I wish to thank the entire Cumulus community respecting all the voices which expressed our democratic culture. I am looking forward to working with every single one of you.

I feel the commitment to listen with due care to each of your ideas to all 357 members; it is challenge but it is a duty to keep the unity and trust, and the friendly environment we always had at Cumulus. This environment reinforces our sense of community to co-design the future of Cumulus together.

Congratulations to the newly elected board members. Finally, the board is a reflection of this global association. It is a true image of diversity of this great community with over 30 years of history: Monica Di Ruvo (South Africa), Teresa Franqueira (Portugal), Miaosen Gong (China), Roberto Iñiguez (Mexico), Natacha Lallemand (France), Satu Miettinen (Finland), Nicola Morelli (Denmark), Anne Pikkov (Estonia), Archana Surana (India), Makoto Watanabe (Japan).

Looking back on all the memories of the past Cumulus conferences and events which were posted on social media during the last few days, we can see now it is time to celebrate our heritage and story. At the same time, we need to make up for more than two years of non-face-to-face Cumulus activities caused by the pandemic. This is the time now to create together a variety of initiatives serving our expectations and aspirations as a Cumulus community.

I personally feel especially proud of following the path started by Yrjö Sotamaa, and followed by Christian Guellerin, Luisa Collina and Mariana Amatullo. Quite simply, today I am proud to be part of this large global community.

Looking forward to meeting you all in person soon, let me dedicate a word for peace in such difficult times: Cumulus is a peaceful association and can speak only with the language of peace.

Design is all about building and creating a better world for everyone.

Cumulus values people and communities beyond any border, since knowledge belongs to humanity and it is the light for justice and freedom.

In order to promote peace and justice, Cumulus is advocating the international values of friendship, culture, solidarity and beauty.


The future is about those who can dream and design a better world.

Lorenzo Imbesi, PhD
Cumulus President
Full Professor, Sapienza University of Rome


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