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Register for the ADADA+Cumulus 2021 Symposium: December 4 & 5!

As the COVID‑19 continues to cause difficulties on a global scale, how is the situation in art and design education changing? This question inspires a dynamic joint symposium between ADADA and Cumulus that we encourage all members to attend.

This symposium will be held in cooperation with Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA (ADAA), a global media art competition that will be held for the 21st time this year, and Faculty of Design, Kyushu University (Japan), which is practicing various educational programs to revitalize the media art field.

Cumulus President Mariana Amatullo will offer one of the two invited special speaker sessions of the symposium with a talk entitled: Design for Social Innovation, Case Studies from a Dynamic Global Field.  She joins Daniel Kim, Design Partner at Daylight and Head of Daylight Design Asia in Seoul.

Learn more and consider registering at http://adada.info/2021/.

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