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TWO MEETINGS to attend!

Thursday 13 April at 13.30 – 15.00 (local time CEST, Antwerp, Belgium)
at Cumulus Antwerp 2023 conference
Onsite: the University of Antwerp, Rector Dhanis, Kleine Kauwenberg 14, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Room: SR. 006
Online: Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86281033128

Design Competency Resource Workshop +

Come and join us for an inspiring co-design workshop in Antwerp. We’re preparing a session that is active, collaborative and creative!
In the past five years we have discussed and developed design competencies and how they can be taught, during Cumulus conferences in Hong Kong, Kolding, Paris, Rovaniemi or most recently in Detroit. During Cumulus Antwerp we will facilitate a hands-on workshop in which we will be demonstrating the cumulative work, the Design Competency Resource, co-create competency case studies and then strategize next steps…

Cumulus Association has asked us to co-develop the Resource to also include Art Competencies and with those, evolve it into the Creative Competency Resource that will live on the Cumulus Website. This is quite a major opportunity that needs us all to contribute. Hoping to see you in Antwerp on Thursday the 13th.

For more information:
For a sneak preview of the current Design Competency Resource, look at: https://dcf-lab.com
To get more background information or if you want to contribut, get in touch:

Pr. Job Rutgers, OCAD University Toronto, Canada
[email protected] www.ocadu.ca

Dr. John Fass, LCC London, UK
[email protected] www.arts.ac.uk

Intimacy over (Long) Distance – working together on shared thematic outline in different locations

Friday 14 April at 15.30 – 17.00 (local time CEST, Antwerp, Belgium)
at Cumulus Antwerp 2023 conference
Onsite: the University of Antwerp, Rector Dhanis, Kleine Kauwenberg 14, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Room: s.K.101
Only onsite

In this AADTE CWG session we aim to discuss how to keep international joint projects alive and develop them further despite the current ecological crisis.
We also see this approach as an attempt to make methods developed during the Corona crisis fruitful and to develop them further in our teaching and research practices.
By discussing exemplary projects together at this AADTE meeting, we hope to further develop possibilities, methods and criteria for artistic collaboration across (great) distances.
Among other things, we want to find out how we can work with the conditions and materials on site and exchange our experiences and ideas via media and (long) distance.

We invite you to share methods and practices on this topic. Members of the Cumulus community are welcome to give a short presentation in the workshop. Please send an email to Minna and Andreas with a short outline of your project if you wish to contribute!

Minna and Andreas will also present 2 projects:
Minna will share experiences from pandemic time teaching methodologies within courses Contemporary Art education, Lens-based contemporary practices and Art, Ecology and Ethics. These courses used a structured frame and regular gatherings in online platforms but was based on simultaneous artistic processes in individual locations. Based on these locally gained experiences we will discuss how the gained experience and methods could support more sustainable ways of international collaboration.
Andreas will share experiences from the project Remote Guide to Extractivism: During the “Remote Guide to Extractivism” Summer School, students work in parallel for 2 weeks in Athens, Melbourne, and Taipei, studying extractive sites in their respective local contexts. Students and faculty work locally while networking with their overseas colleagues. It is an experiment to investigate the global forms of extractivism in a comparative way and nevertheless have a low carbon footprint.

Prof. Merav Salomon from Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem will present the Project:
Bridge Over Troubled Water- Meaningful Connections through International Distance Learning
In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Bezalel Academy initiated an international Program of Collaborative courses, in order to sustain an international-multicultural experience for our students and faculty. 8 courses were selected from various disciplines, to then develop innovative pedagogy intended to overcome challenges of Online distance learning.

If you want to contribute, please get in touch:

Minna Suoniemi,
lecturer, Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Art.
[email protected]

Andreas Kohli
professor, Zurich University of the Arts, Department of Cultural Analysis.
[email protected]

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