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Doctor-assistant Visual Arts and Critical Reflection
(70 % fixed term: 50% research – 20% teaching assignment)
Location Ghent: www.luca-arts.be/sint-lucas-gent

LUCA School of Arts is a multidisciplinary educational and research environment in which creative talent can develop on an artistic, performative, and technical level. LUCA promotes the practice of art and creative design as well as the development of innovative insight. LUCA combines the strength and expertise of five renowned institutions on as many campuses: Sint-Lukas Brussel, Narafi Brussel, C-mine Genk, Sint-Lucas Gent, and Lemmens Leuven. For LUCA, KU Leuven is the research environment in which artistic research is embedded. With over 800 staff members and about 3,800 students, LUCA School of Arts is a creative hub for over 4,500 artists, musicians, theatrical and filmmakers, photographers, and designers.

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Send in your applications by 15-09-2023.

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