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Time: 15 May 2024, 16.00-17.30 local CEST (Hungary time GMT+1)
Onsite: the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Zugligeti út 9, 1121 Budapest, Hungary
Online: Zoom (free for all interested representatives of Cumulus member institutions)
During P/References of Design, Cumulus conference Budapest 2024.

Ethical Leadership: How to drive students to Entrepreneurship

Christian Guellerin, Director, L´École de Design Nantes Atlantique France, Cumulus Honorary President


The perception of design has evolved in recent years to finally become applicable to all issues and to establish its strategic nature to support businesses and society in general. Design continues to reflect on the shape of objects, interior architecture, graphics… but it now embodies all the strategic concerns of transformation of economic and organizational models. By becoming strategic, design has become a management discipline. To help organizations design, produce and sell products or services differently, designers are called upon to take management positions in all public and private structures. Universities and design schools will have to adapt their programs to observe and support this evolution. Design could embody ethical management, the designer, a leader for whom what is “technologically possible” and “economically profitable” is never more than a means to embody the meaning of any human enterprise, a craftsman of meaning.”

1. Christian Guellerin, opening of the session and intro to Ethics and more.

2. Dalma Berkovics, Head of Partnerships at MOME Innovation Center:https://mome.hu/en/innovation-center

MOME Innovation Center’s approach to nurturing research and development activities

Research and development activities are gaining more importance within the walls of MOME. Besides the academic activities of the research hubs, we are aiming at more industry-focused engagements at the Innovation Center:
• in order to support students’ goals of developing their ideas further, an Incubation Program has been set up
• we proactively engage with external stakeholders in open innovation and R&D collaborations

3. Máté Barna, Education development manager, Assistant Professor and Programme lead of Business to Design Programme at Academic Office

Business to Design – the development and teaching process of MOME’s unique entreprenurship and business module for design and art students.

What does it take for a young designer to be successful? Whether for running their own graphic design or animation studio, founding their own fashion label or working as an employee, future designers need market and entrepreneurial skills to succeed and realise their goals. For this purpose, MOME teachers have developed a course that is unique in the Central Eastern European region, providing students with a business approach specifically reflecting the needs of the creative industries. The Business to Design (B2D) educational programme was created with involvement of prominent professionals and entrepreneurs in the field, MOME alumni, as well as invited international speakers. Its originality lies in it forming part of the curriculum and being a mandatory subject for all BA students.

4. National Research, Development and Innovation Office and it’s Agency in Hungary
Speaker tbc

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