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Healthcare represents one of the most critical sectors for the development of the well-being of society. It involves not only the development of new treatments and new drugs, but also the development of products and services innovations for the prevention, the diagnosis, the cure, and the rehabilitation on which Design Discipline – in its various articulations: product, communication, and services- can offer a significant contribution.

Healthcare and Wellbeing (DEHA), following the objectives of the 3rd Sustainable Development goal, Good Health and Well-being, aims to provide an open space for discussion and an international showcase that will include presentations, case studies, and discussions close to the theme of Design for Good Health and Wellbeing to create a global network for sharing best practices and experiences. The WG will be organized following the three directions of the knowledge triangle – research, education, and innovation – as key drivers of a knowledge-based society.

Research: through (i) the development of an international observatory on Design for Health, Ageing and Wellbeing ; (ii) the sharing of research outcomes in the form of periodic seminars and publications; (iv) the creation of groups for participation in national, European, and international research projects.

Education: through (i) the sharing of themes for projects and workshops developed simultaneously by different schools at an international level and comparison of the results with online or traveling exhibitions; (ii) the co-tutorship of doctoral theses; (iii) the sharing of masters and postgraduate advanced training courses; (iv) the design and implementation at the international level of master’s degrees on the subject with the attribution of joint degrees.

Innovation: through (i) the involvement of companies for an opening towards the external socio-economic context; (ii) through the dialogue with the National Technology Clusters; (iii) through the sharing of Public Engagement initiatives.

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