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The Design After, was hosted by Universidad de los Andes and chaired by Dean Hernando Barragán with a team of academic leaders from their Schools of Architecture and Design. Cumulus Bogota 2019 Conference took place on October 30 – November 1, 2019 in Bogota, Colombia.

Conference Theme

In the dawn of the new millennium, the design is experiencing a moment of expansion, recognition, mutation and integration, other disciplines would envy. It retains its aura and transcends the realm of the tangible becoming a form of thought, dialogue and ontology. The turn of the millennium has staged disruptions and catastrophes: from wars against terror to exacerbated fundamentalism; from the financial crises to the flood of inequities and migrations.

In the absence of better words, the “post” prefix has characterized the last half-century: postmodern, postfeminist, post capitalist, post humanist, post truth. Before creating post design, would it be worth thinking about an after design? Can design capture another vision of the human being, cultures and ecosystems that surround humans? Have designers thought about what will happen next?

We are a species that mutates and subsists revealing great adaptive capacities. We manage to debate emerging issues, without fear of experimental vocabularies while being critical, collaborative and speculative. Design today is transdisciplinary and plural.

Hosting Cumulus in Colombia was the result of this transition, placing humans in a border crossing, in an eclectic habitat a place as contradictory and vital as the change of the millennium. When design is about thinking in action and transition, it questions its original logic and gives birth to diversity. In Bogotá, Colombia, different perspectives were found transcending the discipline, questioning what would become of design: the design, after.

Learn more about the conference at cumulusbogota2019.org and read the Programme Book! You can also download the Conference Proceedings.

The Design After Conference Program Highlights

Conference Tracks

Sensing The City, Sensing The Rural
Somewhere, Nowhere, Anyone, Everyone
Fiction and De-innovation
Design and Counterculture
Biodiversity-driven Design

Conference Proceedings

The Cumulus Bogota 2019 Conference, The Design After, was documented and is available in the Conference Proceedings.

Below are the opening remarks by Universidad de los Andes Rector.


Cumulus Working Groups

The conference included sessions by the Cumulus working groups below. Please visit the Cumulus Bogota conference website and the working group pages for more information:

Art and Design Teacher Education and Pedagogy (AADTE)
Leadership and Strategy
ReVeDa Research Vectors in Design and Arts.
Service Design
Systems Thinking and Sustainable Design
Women in Design

Other Highlights

The conference hosted a session organized by Cumulus partner DESIS, a joint workshop with IxDA, roundtable panel discussions, paper presentations, a number of exhibitions, and cultural programs. Please refer to the conference website for more detailed information.

Keynote Speakers

Brigitte Baptiste

Chancellor of Universidad EAN and former Director of the Biological Resources Research Institute “Alexander von Humboldt” of Colombia from January 2011 until July 2019. Brigitte studied biology at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, has a Master in Latin American Studies from the University of Florida and a Doctor Honoris Causa in Environmental and Sanitation Engineering.

Martîn Tironi

Is a sociologist and professor at the School of Design, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He holds a PhD from the Ecole des Mines de Paris and a Master’s degree from Université Paris-Sorbonne V. He is currently Visiting Fellow (2018) at the Center of Invention and Social Process at Goldsmiths.

Dori Tunstall

Is a design anthropologist, public intellectual, and design advocate who works at the intersections of critical theory, culture, and design. She is the first black female Dean of the Faculty of Design at Ontario College of Art and Design University. She leads the culture-based Innovation Initiative focused on using ways of knowing how to drive innovation processes that directly benefit communities.

Monika Bielskyte

Is a creative director, strategist, and speaker with a special interest in exploring & translating immersive media technology space & digital formats of reality – VR, AR & MR. She works to inspire people to see these new mediums & tools as a means to expand the human potential – creatively, intellectually, emotionally, physically.

Eva de Klerk

Is a Dutch artist and independent professional in participatory city development. Her work includes the regeneration of deprived industrial and residential areas in close co-operation with the local community and creative scene. Including the regeneration of the NDSM Shipyard and the deprived residential area Heesterveld Creative Community in Amsterdam, the former airport Tempelhof in Berlin (Germany) and projects in Osaka, Tokyo (Japan), Seoul, Inchoeon (South-Korea) and so on.

Daniel Grushkin

Is the founder and executive director of the Biodesign Challenge, an international student competition that partners artists, designers, and biologists to envision the future of biotechnology. He is co-founder and former executive director of Genspace, a nonprofit community laboratory dedicated to promoting citizen science and access to biotechnology.

Conference Team


Hernando Barragán
Conference Manager / Dean of School of Architecture and Design

Claudia Mejía
Head of Architecture Department

Ricardo Sarmiento
Head of Design Department

Scientific Community

César Peña
Isabel Arteaga
Daniel H. Nadal
Andrés Burbano

Management Team

Ana Margarita Gonzales
Valentina Osorio
Daniela Alarcon
Melissa Ferro

Communication Team

Catalina Villabona
Andrea Amin
Constanza Diaz Del Castillo

Organization Team

Carolina Blanco
Christiaan Job Nieman
David De Los Reyes
Giovanna Danies
Jaime Patarroyo
Javier Ricardo Mejia
Pedro Aparicio
Santiago De Francisco
Cristina Albornoz
Adriana Paramo
Alejandro Barragan
Jaime Ivan Castillo
Janet Calderon
Liliana Mendoza
Juliana Pinto
Tatiana Diaz
Camila Gomez

Cumulus Student Ambassadors

Every Cumulus Conference host selects student ambassadors to be their representatives and special envoys. The Design After counted with the participation of:

Matilda Kalving and Lauri Hakala
University of Lapland, Finland

Cumulus Plus Grantees

Each Cumulus Conference welcomes a select group of distinguished scholars and practitioners from different parts of the world who are recipients of this grant program. The Design After welcomed:

Andreia Menezes De Bernardi
Doctoral student in Design and Professor
State University Minas Gerais (UEMG), Design School, Brazil)

Kenan Zekic
Head of Department, Faculty of Art and Social Sciences
International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Samuel Kwame
Head of Printing and Photography, lecturer in Graphic Design Department
Ho Technical University, Ghana

Conference Activities

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