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A new PhD course at AAU Create, titled “Integrating design, mindfulness practices and arts-based research to foster pathways towards sustainable futures”.

This PhD course originates at the intersection of several disciplines and is targeted towards PhD students in design, architecture, planning, arts, aesthetics, culture studies, psychology, sustainability studies, and related research areas interested in exploring the integration of design methods with arts-based practices and mindfulness practices for sustainability.

Within this course, we will journey through two experimental days containing moments of arts-based co-creation, sound-driven future visioning, yoga and breathing sessions to explore how these practices can be weaved into traditional design methods and frameworks to support sustainable transformation.

Link to learn more and register: https://phdcourses.dk/Course/110349

Practical details:
Date: 16 – 17 September 2024
Place: Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark (in-person)
Registration deadline: 26 August 2024
No. of participants: 30

Organizers: Luca Simeone (Assoc. Prof. Aalborg University), Lea Holst Laursen (Assoc. Prof. Aalborg University), Rike Neuhoff (Postdoc Aalborg University), Olivia Harre (Postdoc Aalborg University)
Lecturers: Melanie Sarantou (Professor Kyushu University), Christine Wamsler (Professor Lund University), Juliana Restrepo-Giraldo (PhD Fellow Malmö University and Linnaeus University), Max Liljefors (Professor Lund University)

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