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Call for the 1st Cumulus Design Education Day
aligned with the upgrading of Kyoto Design Declaration.
A Signature Event.

Cumulus calls for our members to apply to organize Cumulus Design Education Day and now as first ever event to raise the awareness and impact of education and research in our disciplines. We ensure the planet can thrive.

Cumulus upgrades Kyoto Design Declaration signed in March 2008 in Kyoto Japan, that made us proud it was done in the same venue of Kyoto Protocol of 2000. We are responsible and want the new edition of this declaration helps all of us to accelerate its impact. This first day is a strong mechanism to punch Kyoto Design Declaration upgrading to take place in connecting its signing with the first ever Cumulus Design Education Day.

Read the full text of the call Call Cumulus Design Education Day 2024 .

Invitation submission deadline is 15 April 2024.
The submission is to be sent via [email protected].

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