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Call for regional meetings, seminars, exhibitions, shows, workshops and etc.

Since more than 30 years, Cumulus is the only global association serving education and
research in art, design and media. To unleash the massive potential of Cumulusians and
their home institutions, we get together as the only true global community unleashing all
barriers, celebrating, and drumming education and research in all our disciplines to impact
by aligning especially local members and stakeholders strengthening economic, social,
cultural, and environmental development around the world aligned with what Cumulus was
founded for: Sharing knowledge and best practices.

Cumulus Regional Meeting offers a unique opportunity to intensify the connections
between members in our growing Cumulus family. The traditional Cumulus conferences
twice every year may not enough release the value of such a great association for its
inclusivity of the global community. After some pilot successful regional meetings in 2023 in
China and Japan have shown the value of getting together in driving the collective action
even in a minimalistic format, we open the Call for Cumulus Regional in 2024.

Read the full text of the call here Call Cumulus Regional Meetings 2024
Invitation submission is open year around.

The bid is binding and left in at [email protected]

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