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Dear Cumulus Fashion Schools/Departments

Cumulus Fashion and Textile Working group organizes a mini fashion event during Antwerp Cumulus conference 12-15 April 2023. It is not a real fashion show, but something lighter, an easygoing presentation of Cumulusian work during a drink/cocktail during our Antwerp conference. Antwerp is a city of Fashion !

The idea is for participants to bring two silhouettes for this event scheduled on Friday 14th April. The two silhouettes can by brought in by the conference participant as a work of student/student group, teacher or a researcher.

A team of Antwerp students will take care of the model casting and fitting.
Please be ready to provide the size and profile of the model needed beforehand.

If you are interested, please confirm your participation also informing who brings the two silhouettes to Natacha Lallemand from Ecole Duperré Paris @ [email protected].

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