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November 22
Onsite: Central Academy of Fine Arts, (Wangjing Campus, Beijing)
Add. No.8, Huajiadi South Street, Chaoyang District
Online: via VooV Meeting (free for all interested representatives of Cumulus member institutions)
During Narratives of Love Cumulus conference Beijing 2023.

Venus is calling

For centuries Venus has been the symbol of love, known also by other names in other civilisations; love is what makes us gravitate towards this planet, which shines next to the Moon. Human romanticized about the symbolism of Venus, towards perfection. We cannot inhabit Venus like we plan to inhabit Mars, but we feel its energy and its light, we feel its gravity, which binds us together on Planet Earth.

In this session we share narratives of love from and to extra-terrestrial space to connect and to celebrate the beauty of the universe and of gravity, which is a crucial part on the love story between, art, architecture, science and our survival.


Introduction: Welcome attendees

Lecture 1 by Dr Dolly Daou, Gravitating towards love energy: The role of gravity on Earth.

Lecture 2 by Prof. Thais Russomano: Living on the Moon, Mars. Microgravity. – influence of space conditions on the human body.

Conclusion: How students and space professionals can propose better and more advanced ways to design space living environments, habitats and suits.

Workshop intro
5-6 activities
Discussion and closing time

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