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Cumulus Business, Industry and Innovation Working Group BII
at Cumulus Beijing 2023
Time: Afternoon Friday 24 November 2023, time tbc.

The session tries to focus on questions about design, strategy, and leadership: How design has become a strategic matter of management for companies which thinks about their future.

We are talking about economy, technology, sense at the era of societal responsibility and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence which will disrupt the human-machine relationship.
What are the responsibilities of design and designers, what are the responsibilities of design education?

What we educators may understand and really mean, when speaking about and introducing professional life in the curriculum. What kind of outcomes there might be?
We will hear three presentations ranging from an intro to an association serving industry, examples of industrial design education rallying with companies and a kick into what is up by design management.

1. Hu Zhiwei, CEO of China Building Decoration Association
An insight, how an association can activate design in building construction and beyond.
2. Hu Hanhua, Professor at Design Department at CAFA Design Department –
Examples of collaboration with companies during the course work with design students.
3. Cai Jun, Professor at Design Department of Tsinghua University –

How Design Strategy and Management is inspiring innovation by the students.

Executive Director Christian Guellerin at L´École de Design Nantes Atlantique France, Cumulus Honorary President.

Motto for any inspiration for the discussion during the session: “The entrepreneurial mindset of the designer is a central concern of training institutions. An idea is worth nothing, even the most desirable one, if it is not tested by the markets and/or society in general. It is not a question of turning all designers into company managers, as the latter have specific skills that not all possess. But it is about multiplying interactions, sharing with companies, and in particular start-ups, whose model of creation, agile decision making, and simple hierarchical structures make projections to strategic and project management levels possible.”

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