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Academic Expert – Pottery & Ceramics

Project: Vocational Program content development – field of pottery & ceramics

Remotely employment (online)

Project goals:

  • Development of a Vocational Program: in the field of Pottery & Ceramics Crafts.
  • High quality Educational Content Building

Estimated project kick-off: March 2024

Estimated Vocational Program launch: November 2024

Vocational Program duration: 6-9 months.

Role & responsibilities of Academic Expert on this project:

Academic Advising:

  • Providing expertise in academic specialization areas, including the latest research and developments.
  • Analyzing global educational trends and integrating them into program design.
  • Contributing to the identification of the program’s general and specific objectives from a local perspective through collaboration with stakeholders from the institute.
  • Contributing to providing inputs based on best practices.

Design and Build the Programs:

  • Contributing to the development of educational content, including topics, lesson plans, and other educational materials in a clear manner based on local and international standards.
  • Designing and planning curricula, with an emphasis on the interconnection between different subjects and ensuring their logical and effective presentation for learning.
  • Contributing to the integration of innovative teaching methods and modern educational technologies based on recent studies and methods in education.
  • Developing and formulating precise and comprehensive descriptions for each course, including objectives, learning outcomes, and assessment.
  • Identifying training needs and required resources for the courses.
Curriculum Design Expert – Pottery & Ceramics

Project: Vocational Program in Pottery & Ceramics Arts – Curriculum Building.

Remote Employment (online)

Estimated Project Kick-Off: March 2024

Project goals:

  • Development of a Vocational Program: in the field of Pottery & Ceramics Crafts.
  • High quality Educational Content Building

Duration of the vocational program: 6-9 months.

Estimate launch date of the vocational program: November 2024


Roles & responsibilities of the Curriculum Design Expert :

  • Creating a general plan that includes formulating clear and measurable objectives for the program.
  • Developing program evaluation standards and learning outcomes.
  • Writing and developing educational materials that support the educational objectives, including identifying learning sources, electronic resources, and others.
  • Consulting with program design committee members, experts, and practitioners to integrate their views into the design.
  • Aligning educational content with job market requirements and needs.
  • Updating and modifying content based on feedback and new developments.
  • Providing training and professional support to faculty and trainers on using new curricula