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Atlas of Opportunities / Part 1

Remote learning, teaching and collaboration had deep impacts on the transformation of our curricula, on the way we understand „the local“ and place as a quality and on the way we engage in real world problems. What are emerging formats in design education we can share and learn from? We will investigate different examples, discuss them and find criteria to work on a global Atlas of Opportunities bringing together different engaged design educators. This activity is part of the New European Bauhaus initiative of Cumulus.
We welcome everybody interested in our „global conversation“, contributing with diverse experiences and viewpoints.

This time, we will have three colleagues sharing their experiences and cases for the Atlas of Opportunities:

Lolita Dutta and Yatra Khan: Design Craft and Collaboration (UID, India) [starting at 6:00 in the video] Ramon Llonch and Saul Baeza: Route Senegal (ELISAVA, Spain) [starting  at 24:30 in the video] Milenko Prvacki: Tropical Lab (Lasalle Collge of the Arts, Singapore) [starting at 46:30 in the video]

Moderation: Teresa Franqueira (Portugal) and Philipp Heidkamp (Germany)

As announced in the session, we are looking forward to presentations of similar and relevant cases for our Atlas – please reach out to us by eMail.

Below you find the recording of the session, additional material of the presenters will follow.

A beta and work in progress of our Atlas of Opportunities map can be found here.