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Sapienza Student Ambassadors join Design Culture (s) team to celebrate closing of Cumulus Roma

Camilla Gironi and Dimitri Russo, the Cumulus Student Ambassadors selected by Sapienza University to represent their university during Cumulus Roma: Design Culture (s) and the next Cumulus conference planned virtually by UArtes, took center stage during a beautiful June late afternoon in Rome’s Botanical Gardens, the site of the closing of the 4-day event. They are featured here in this photo with the team that made possible the immersive program of the conference. Congratulations to all for bringing to life the first online conference of our association.

Watch this space to learn more about Camilla and Dimitri’s insights from their upcoming participation in UArtes Cumulus Guayaquil: Arts Imagining Communities to Come  (November 8-11, 2021).

Leading Design Education Institutions In/Through the Crisis

Leaders from design institutions from Europe, China, Japan, Singapore, India, Israel, USA, Brazil… joined this global conversation about the impacts and opportunities of the current crisis as a fundamental moment in time.

The ambitious plan of this Working Group is to share, learn from each other how we are navigating through the crisis and all design the New Normal – and to co-create ideas and concrete steps to go forward.

In this initial session, KP Lee (Hong Kong), Tadanori Nagasawa (Tokyo), Gordon Hush (Glasgow), Martin Christensen (Copenhagen), Lene Tanggaard (Oslo), Alok Nandi (Brussels) and Claire Qi (Hangzhou) shared specific expertise that ignited fruitful discussions.

Based on this 3 hour-session and a related collaborative whiteboard, our ambition is to design an architecture of collaboration where members of the community can benefit from and contribute through an ongoing discussion and discourse.

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