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Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

School of Art & Design

Hangzhou , China Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Design is one of the advantages and characteristics of our school, with a hundred years of history. As early as 1897, it started the education of modern Chinese textile and silk design. In 1913, the teacher of our school wrote the first Chinese design lecture "Patterning". The clothing design direction of this major has been selected into the national first-class professional plan, and the subject ranks in the top 5% of ARWU. There are 16 doctoral supervisors, 6 national research bases and 8 provincial research bases.

Main Focus

This subject follows the principle of integrating art and science, facing the open social needs and expanding diversity, studies the occurrence, development, application and communication of design, and forms the technology, theory and service of textile and silk digital design on the basis of undergraduate and graduate professional education knowledge system through the education and teaching orientation of imparting a number of professional abilities. In order to cultivate high-level talents who are rooted in oriental aesthetics, activate modern design, interdisciplinary background and cross-border integration design thinking, the four directions of fashion design and theory, human settlements design and theory, and silk design history and theory are proposed. The doctoral level teaching structure of design is guided by inheriting and innovating Chinese and foreign design culture, deepening the problem orientation on the basis of extensive knowledge, and cultivating students' ability of in-depth research and sustainable innovation through cross-border integrated thinking and innovative design method training.

Faculties and Departments

  • 学院:艺术与设计学院
  • 部门
  1. 美术系
  2. 工业设计系
  3. 数字媒体艺术系
  4. 环境设计系
  5. 视觉传达设计系
  6. 实验教学中心

Research Activity and Main Areas

We have held more than a dozen international academic exchange activities, mainly including the following dozens of contents:

1. Design work-camp of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

2. LEO DUF , Director of the International Department of Kingston University,UK, and member of the Art Committee of the British Illustrator Association is demonstrates teaching and have seminar.

3. The Accademia di Belle Arti diBrera' s dean visits our college.

4.The Emmy-winning, CEO of the BASE company,director of BASE visual effects, Christopher  Bremble hold a lecture in our college.

5. our college teachers and students visiting Japan Sado University.

6. Visiting Professor Mihai Gu Guda(Vice President of the National Artists Association of Ukraine, People Artist,Academician of the Academy of Arts) -On-site teaching.

7. 2018-Summer – Sino-German Design Workshop in Bauhaus.

8. Academic exchanges of the Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

9. Japan Tama Art University Workshop

10. The first vice president of the Ukrainian National Academy of Art introduced to our delegation.

11.Professor Liu Wenbin' s Russian work was first published in the National Library of Kazakhstan.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

American, England, Italy, Japan, Singapore, etc.

Application Deadlines

Every April

Teaching Languages


Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

2000 dollars


Bachelor: 1614
Master: 403

Exchange Students

Incoming: 7
Outgoing: 15

Teaching Staff

Professors: 47
Lectures: 110
Other permanent teachers: 15
Part-time Teachers: 6

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