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University of Santo Tomas

College of Architecture and College of Fine Arts and Design

Philippines Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The University of Santo Tomas, the Pontifical, Royal, and Catholic University of the Philippines is a Dominican institution of learning founded in 1611, under the patronage of St. Thomas Aquinas. 


The University of Santo Tomas, in pursuit of truth guided by reason and illumined by faith, dedicates herself to the generation, advancement, integration, dissemination, and application of knowledge to form competent and compassionate persons to serve the Church, the nation, and the global community.


International Role

The College of Architecture and the College of Fine Arts and Design sends students and/or faculty members abroad for co-curricular and research activities, paper/poster presentations in conferences, and linkages and networking.

For more details you may check:

UST College of Fine Arts Design via https://www.ust.edu.ph/fine-arts-and-design/                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

UST College of Architecture via  https://www.ust.edu.ph/architecture/


National Role

The College of Architecture and the College of Fine Arts and Design graduates have a high percentage of employability, high percentage of passers (higher than the national passing rate) in the government required professional licensure examinations. Its students consistently bag the top prizes in major national art and design competitions, which makes both Colleges a program of choice for incoming tertiary students. Its collaboration with industry partners is formalized through the Practicum/On-the-Job Training and Internship Programs. There is a regular representation of faculty members in government-managed educational and  technical panels and working groups, officerships and memberships in recognized national and international professional, academic and social organizations. Students actively participate in Career Seminars and Job Fairs organized by the University’s Guidance and Career Center and Office for Student Affairs.

Main Focus

Research is a key area in the triumvirate functions that the University has, the two others being instruction and community development.

The University has articulated its commitment to research which is “the pursuit of truth and the generation, advancement, and transmission of knowledge in the arts and the sciences, both sacred and civil”.

The University was designated by the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines to host a Zonal Research Center for the National Capital Region in April 2010 for a period of one year. In December 2011, the University was named as one of the member institutions of the Philippine Higher Education Research Network.

Faculties and Departments

College of Architecture

College of Fine Arts and Design

     Department of Interior Design

     Department of Painting

     Department of Advertising Arts

     Department of Industrial Design

Bachelor Level Programs

BS Architecture – 5 years

BS Interior Design – 4 years

BFA Major in Painting – 4 years

BFA Major in Advertising Arts – 4 years

BFA Major in Industrial Design – 4 years

Master Level Programs

MS Architecture – 2 years

MA Fine Arts – 2 years

MA Cultural Heritage Studies – 2 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

There are five research flagships, namely: Science and Technology; Health & Allied Sciences; Social Sciences and Education; Arts and Humanities; and Sacred Sciences. Among the areas of research in the university are Natural Products research, Chemical Sensors and Biosensors, Materials Science, Energy research, Pure and Applied Microbiology, Biodiversity, Environmental Science, Food Science and Engineering, Urban environment and Climate Change Preparedness, Education, Arts, Culture, and Humanities, Gerontology, Migration Studies, Youth Studies, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

The University offers comprehensive subject areas under several programs that can be viewed through the University website. (www.ust.edu.ph)

Application Deadlines

1st Term – 3rd week of May

2nd Term – 3rd week of October

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

1st Term – August to December

2nd Term – January to May

Special Term – June to July

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Philippine Peso – 25,000.00 – 35,000.00 (Cost of Living)



Bachelor: 40,079
Master: 4,299
Doctorate: 370

Exchange Students

Incoming: 158
Outgoing: 362
Others: 82

Teaching Staff

Professors: 1,064
Lectures: 417
Other permanent teachers: 135
Part-time Teachers: 391

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