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Mission Statement

The new education course in Design, activated by the Department in the 2017/2018 academic year, have 500 students already enrolled, demonstrating that it have consciously interpreted an evident need of the territory to which it refers. The introduction of Master programm in the 2020/2021 academic year responds to the need to provide students with a complete course of study. it is a path rooted in the territory, but which looks to the challenges of the future, providing students with both a good technical basic training and an interdisciplinary approach to the project. This allows its students to be able to manage the complexity of the modern project.

It fact, the design program was born within a historic interdisciplinary Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering selected as a Department of Excellence by MIUR for the five-year period 2018-2022. It offers an excellent support for the course allowing good basic technical training to its students also with modern up-to-date facilities for the teaching.

This interdisciplinary research support are offered that expand the understanding of the role of design regionally and internationally.

International Role

Avant-garde scientific research and teaching in a strongly international perspective: these are the pillars on which the University of Perugia is based.
The recent and profound renewal of the training offer and the individual study courses provided at the Studium degree to intercept the needs of the world of work and to respond to requests for renewal felt by companies.
On an international level, the commitment is constant in establishing collaborative relationships with European, American and Asian universities and in promoting student mobility. The recognition by the European Commission of the ECTS Label to the University – the mark of excellence in the application of the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System – European Credit Transfer System) in all courses of study of the first and second cycle and single cycle, has recently confirmed the quality of this broad internationalization activity, also reflected in 361 active agreements with European Union countries and higher education institutions European and non-European eligible for the development of initiatives on the front of research and teaching. Some degree courses provided at the University of Perugia already confer double degrees or European degrees.

The Design Courses follow the same vocation and benefit from the numerous international connections already started. The specific interest in particular is to strengthen relations with the Mediterranean area and aim to strengthen relations with Central and South America.

National Role

The stragetic position in central Italy of the Department, in a small region but with an important and historical capillary presence of SMEe deeply rooted in the territory, makes the course of study particularly attractive and capable of interacting synergistically with the other Institutions on the national territory.

A collaboration is open for the acquisition of part of professors from the historic academy of fine arts Pietro Vannucci of Perugia, the second oldest academy in Italy. There are also lectures in collaborations with local designers repeatedly selected by the ADI Design Index and winners of the Compasso D’oro.

At a National level the Department collaborates with private and public institutions, universities, companies, associations, firms and professionals, such as: City of Perugia, Umbria Region, ADI Association of Italian Designers, Industrial Association, Margaritelli s.p.a., Brunello Cucinelli, Grifo Latte, Lungarotti, Umbria Jazz, Oliviero Toscani, Cartotecnica Moderna, FabLab.

Main Focus

The degree course in Design is strongly focused on the enhancement and accreditation of the peculiarities and productive riches of the territory to which it refers. The leading role entrusted to it in reviving the regional economy emerges clearly. In this context, the Department organizes seminars, conferences and guided visits on professional topics with the main companies, professional firms and sector associations in the sector. Specifically, the Bachelor program has a particular focus on Interior Design in its various forms, including retail, exhibits and also Garden Design, as well as on Product Design.

The innovative Master program in ‘Planet Life Design’ aims to prepare new and versatile professional figures with specific reference to the definition of methodological approaches and innovative strategies for the well-being of life on the/of the planet. It offers an absolutely innovative training path, which currently in Italy is not comparable to other profiles. Moreover it fits experimentally within the framework of the national and European training offer, proposing a study path capable of preparing designers specialized in the design of new, aware and intelligent ways of life on the planet.


Faculties and Departments

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. It have 2 campuses and it can count on 16 laboratories, of which 5 are grouped together and organized into sections, for a total of 28 units. Five of the 16 laboratories have been classified by the University as highly complex. Of these laboratories, 3 are dedicated exclusively to teaching activities, while the other 13 carry out research activities or research and teaching activities.

Bachelor Level Programs

Course of Design – 3 years

BA in Design

Master Level Programs

Master of Planet Life Design – 2 years starting from AY 2020/2021

MA in Design

Research Activity and Main Areas

The design aims to consciously guide the human society towards the best possible future, in terms of new aesthetics and shared values. In this sense, design becomes a multilingual mediator of the different languages of the project at different scales of detail. The research work that is carried out therefore has the aim of recognizing the new pressing needs and returning to enhance local skills, which concern the material and immaterial dimension of the project. Indeed, the project (at all scales), precisely because it is deeply embedded in the complex fabric of industrial activities, takes on the character of a tool aimed at establishing complex relationships, coordinating resources and decisions intended to reflect on the environment and the human society.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students


Application Deadlines

The Student Mobility Office of University is available for any information about the Students Exchange:


Tel: +39 075 5855173
Fax: +39 075 585 2352
E-mail: [email protected]

and for any information about the Students and Professors Exchange with Erasmus Programm:


Responsabile: Dott.ssa Sonia TRINARI
Tel: +39 075585 2106
Fax: +39 075585 2209
[email protected]

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

First semester: by mid-September until the end of December

Second semester: by mid-February until the end of May

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Considering accommodation, food, telephone, local travel and leisure costs, we can consider a monthly budget of 800,00 Euros.


Bachelor: 505

Exchange Students

Incoming: 20
Outgoing: 18

Teaching Staff

Professors: 36
Lectures: 3

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