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University of Palermo

School of Design and Communication

Argentina Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Universidad de Palermo, in context of its vision for the future and the principles enumerated in it, has as its missions: Educate, teach in the undergraduate and graduate level, research, serve its academic community and society as a whole. Its primary end is to give quality education, focusing on the subject that learns in order to maximize his capacities, contribute to the expansion and dissemination of knowledge, culture integration and higher education globalization.

International Role

The School of Design and Communication founded the Design Schools Forum (Foro de
Escuelas de Diseno) in 2006, coordinating it from its beginning, including 300 Design
Degree in Latin America.
The School of Design and Communication edits and publishes since 2006, the Actas del
Diseno Journal. It's an indexed, international peer reviewed semi annual publication. It was
evaluated as 1. excellent by CayCyT/ Conicet.
Organizes the Latin American Congress of Design Teaching annually since 2010.
Joint Research and publishing Program in Fashion with Parsons The New School for
Joint Research Program in Design with Carnegie Mellon School of Design
Joint Research and Publishing with EACH/ USP-Escola de Artes, Ciencias e
Humanidades, Universidade de Sao Paulo (Brasil) and Estacio Da Sa (Brasil).
Joint Research and Publishing with Universite Paris 8 Vicennes-Saint Dennis.
Joint Publishing and Research with Universita di Bologna

National Role

Created and coordinates the Latin American Design Commitee, inegrated by prestigious
members from the academic and professional world of design.
Organizes the Latin American Design Meeting annually since 2006. It's the largest and
most signifcant event in Professional Design in the region.
Created and coordinates since 2009 the Trends Community, an interdisciplinary group
made by prestigious leaders, blending the best from the university and the industry.
Organizes more than 1000 extracurricular professional workshops and seminars annually.
Created and coordinates the interdisciplinary Creative Women Circle, drawing from
Leaders of the Arts, Culture, Communication and Design world.
Created and coordinates the Latin American Visual Creation Prize annually since 2007.
Publishes the annuary distributed among the Forum participant universities.

Main Focus

Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Programs

Faculties and Departments

School of Design and Communication

Bachelor Level Programs

·         Multimedia Design (4 years)

·         Interior Design (4 years)

·         Graphic Design (4 years)

·         Industrial Design (4 years)



·         Fashion Design (4 years)

·         Audiovisual Communication (4 years)

·         Film Directing (4 years)

·         Theatre Directing (4 years)

·         Show Design (4 years)

·         Photography (4 years)

·         Advertising (4 years)

·         Public Relations (4 years)

·         Art Directing (4 years)


·         Professional Actor (3 years)

·         Fashion Communication (2 years)

·         Web Communication (3 years)

·         Comic Book Design (3 years)

·         Illustration Design (3 years)

·         Furniture Design (3 years)

·         Film and TV Script (3 years)

·         Event Planning (2 years)

·         Television Production (2 years)

·         Show Production (2 years)

·         Fashion Production (2 years)

·         Musical Production (2 years)

Fashion Marketing (2 years)·        



Master Level Programs

·         Master in Design Management (2 years)


Research Activity and Main Areas

Design Pedagogy
Fashion Studies
Design Entrepreneurship
Present and future of Design as a profession

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctorate in Design (2 years)

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Graphic/ Visual

Application Deadlines

1st semester: November 1st
2nd semester: May 1st

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates


Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

USD 800 – 1200 (subject to change)


Bachelor: 11781

Exchange Students

Incoming: 138
Outgoing: 84

Teaching Staff

Other permanent teachers: 1873

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