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Mission Statement

Our impressive academic team, deep industry connections and leading edge facilities allow us to provide leadership in new and emerging fields of design. Across our undergraduate to research degrees, we have a rich community of interdisciplinary collaboration and individual creative exploration.

International Role

RMIT School of Design offers design education that is globally leading. We have programs in Melbourne Australia, Singapore, Vietnam and a doctoral program in Barcelona. The School has a range of international partners in Europe, Scandinavia, the UK, USA, across Asia and in New Zealand. These are realised through student exchanges, study abroad opportunities, traveling studios, research collaborations and international internships. We are members of ico-D. 

National Role

RMIT School of Design is a leader in Australia's Design education offerings. We have partnerships with a variety of institutions, are members of the Australian Council for Universities of Art and Design, Australian Graphic Design Association and the Design Institute of Australia. 

Main Focus

The School of Design at RMIT offers the spectrum of university education opportunities from degree to PhD. Our curriculum is industry focussed and research led. We are particularly concerned with design education for future practices and ensuring that students at all levels, graduate with the skills, knowledge and ethical approach to design that will empower them into their future. 

Faculties and Departments

The School of Design is comprised of three key discipline clusters – communication design, industrial design and digital design. At the University there are also  three other schools with design as a focus – Schools of Fashion and Textile Design and the School of Architecture and Urban Design. 

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design) Honours

Bachelor of Design (Communication Design)

Bachelor of Design (Digital Media)

Bachelor of Design (Games Design)

Bachelor of Design (Animation and Interactive Media)

Master Level Programs

Master of Communication Design

Master of Design, Innovation and Technology

Master of Animation, Games and Interation

Master of Design Futures

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research at RMIT School of Design leverages creative critical practice to explore futures that are diverse, sustainable, equitable and inspiring. Our world class group of researchers traverse the disciplines of communication, industrial and digital design to engage pressing contemporary challenges in urban futures, social innovation, information systems, material cultures and health. These interdisciplinary research areas share values that emphasise social justice, thoughtful design action and a critical engagement with place and culture. 

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All programs offer exchange program opportunities.

Application Deadlines

best to contact [email protected] for current information.

Teaching Languages

English at all locations

Semester Dates

March – June Semester 1

Mid July – October Semester 2


Bachelor: 1659
Master: 360
Doctorate: 55

Exchange Students

Incoming: 71
Outgoing: 32
Others: 11

Teaching Staff

Professors: 89
Lectures: 13
Other permanent teachers: 11
Part-time Teachers: 289

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