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Mission Statement

As part of the University of the Republic, Architecture Faculty and its Design School education are aligned with the process of the University Reform. This means fully integration of knowledge of the different careers in the University: working towards a multidisciplinary education, with a faultless quality and always in a creative way. We look for a highly representative education, with a wide commitment with our society.

International Role

As part of UdelaR, Architecture Faculty and as a result its Design School, have got a wide range of agreements with several Universities in Latin America and all over the world. On 2013, The Republic University has current bilateral agreements with more than 500 Universities, Institutes and Departments from 58 countries around the world. Some of those are specific agreements based on a particular experience, research or exchange. However, there are a large number of general agreements; open doors to collaborate in the future. UdelaR also belongs, among other Associations, to the “Asociación de Universidades Grupo Montevideo (AUGM)”. This Network is integrated by public, autonomous and co-governs Universities, from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. This Universities share their teachers, material sources, equipment, laboratories, libraries and students in order to overcome obstacles and multiply the possibilities of action in Latin America. Furthermore, Design school is also having a meaningful participation on the Latam Network of Design and Public Policies integrated by Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay.

National Role

EUCD is strongly connected with different Associations, Ministries, Chambers, and other institutions. We are constantly promoting a mayor union with all sectors of society by participating on different meetings, groups, and discussions to share the academic points of view, in order to collaborate on solving social issues. EUCD is currently part of many projects and boards such as: -CDU (Chamber of Design). As member of the group that manages the Chamber, EUCD keeps a strong relationship with all the social actors integrating the chamber: Design Studios, Culture Ministry, Industry Ministry and Design Schools. -MIF (Board of Uruguayan Design Schools) Where Inter-school projects are discussed and organized. -Design Council board -Social and Solidarity Economy board -Member of University Entrepreneurship Network -Agreements with different Ministries such as Social Development Ministry, the Governments of diverse Uruguayan cities, and other organizations. -Relationships and agreements with a wide range of business, cooperatives and entrepreneurs.

Main Focus

Main Focus is on Degree Studies. Design degrees are specialized on educating bachelor students to make them capable of participating, contributing, and promoting people welfare and quality of life, in a responsible and ethical way by the intervention of design and its different areas and through professional and academic performance. The education in our school encourages an attitude inclined to cross-disciplinary approaches and critical thinking always in a proactive way and with a comprehensive education that combines education, research and extension committed to society

Faculties and Departments

Architecture Faculty holds the Following Careers: Architecture Landscape Design Design & Visual Communication Product Design (Design School- EUCD) Textile & Clothing Design (Design School –EUCD) Integrated Design (New Degree 2013) Also, there are four different Institutes inside the Faculty, which are mainly in charge of research activity -Theory and Landscape Institute -Design Institute -Construction Institute -Architecture History Institute

Bachelor Level Programs

Architecture (6 years) Landscape Design (4 years) Integrated Design (4 years) Design & Visual Communication (4 years) Product Design (Design School- EUCD) (4 years + thesis project) Textile & Clothing Design (Design School –EUCD) (4 years + thesis project)

Master Level Programs

Specialization Diploma: -Specialist on Architectural Heritage (2 years) -Furniture Specialist (1 year) -Landscape Specialist (2 years) -Structural Architecture Diploma (2 years) -Architecture Construction Diploma (1,5 years) Master: -Architecture Construction (2 years) -Regional Planning and Urban Development (2 years) -Integrated Coastal Management of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay (2 years)

Research Activity and Main Areas

As established by UdelaR Organic Law, Research is one of the three main functions of the Republic University. As a result, more than 50% of Uruguayan research activity is developed by UdelaR and is focused on contributing to the solution of society problems, in a local and global level. Research at Architecture Faculty and its Design School, deals with different scales, from Urban Planning to Visual Communication, including architecture, industrial object and clothing, through project, technological and theoretical areas. Varied topics are developed in areas such as: social housing, landing, sustainability, heritage and identity, projecting mechanisms, technology processes, design and industry. Architecture Faculty holds four different Institutes (Construction, History, Design and Theory and Urban Planning) where research projects are usually developed. In addition to this, researchers from new careers (Industrial Design and Visual Communication) are contributing with new studies.

Doctorate Level Programs

Architecture Doctoral Studies are in process of development. The University already approved its syllabus.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All degrees

Application Deadlines

1st semester: November2nd semester: April

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

1st semester: April to Mid July 2nd semester: Mid August to November

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Studying has no fee.


Bachelor: 7000
Master: 60
Doctorate: -

Exchange Students

Incoming: 20
Outgoing: 30
Others: 160

Teaching Staff

Professors: 60
Lectures: 20
Other permanent teachers: 450
Part-time Teachers: 240

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