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Mission Statement

Paris College of Art promotes the artistic and intellectual maturation of promising students into exceptional professional artists,designers and design managers through a rigorous art, design and liberal arts education. Paris College of Art emphasizes the ethical role of creative disciplines, viewing art and design practice as meaningful and necessary contributions to society. Contemporary methods of visual production are taught on the foundation of traditional skills in the fine arts. The school aims to be a supportive, creative community of committed students, faculty, administration and alumni.

International Role

Paris College of Art provides the highest international standard of art and design education taught within an American pedagogical paradigm while being influenced, informed and drawing from our French/European environment. Our hybrid of European and American educational strengths is a unique form of education that is solidly grounded in art and design study and multicultural awareness. With students coming from over 50 countries and faculty of more then 30 nationalities our community is, as well, truly international. Our degree, exchange and visiting student programs, while based in Paris, are taught in English and are therefore internationally accessible. With our strong ties to some of the most important French cultural institutions (for example Centre de recherche du Château de Versailles, Les Arts Decoratifs and le Centre Pompidou/Bibliothèque Kandinsky) we provide students with a local experience that is uniquely tied to French culture—not simply a study abroad institution that transplants an American experience to a foreign location. We have a wide network of partner schools with which we have student exchange programs.

National Role

Although our classes are taught in English, it is highly recommended (and professionally required) that our students who wish to do internships while in school or work in Paris after graduation have French fluency. French language courses are available to all students for this reason. Through industry partnerships Paris College of Art students gain real world experience and develop professional contacts. Over the last few semesters projects have been done in conjunction with Hermès, Takasago, Biotherm, a luxury brand of the L’Oréal Group, Alcatel/Lucent Bell Labs France, 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair, and Sophie Hallette, to name a few. Paris College of Art has partnerships with the Centre de recherche du Château de Versailles, Les Arts Decoratifs and le Centre Pompidou/Bibliothèque Kandinsky though which our students have privileged access to some of the greatest art and design reference facilities worldwide as well as unique internship opportunities. The Career Services Office develops relationships in the industry and creates internship and job opportunities for students. Annual career events, at which graduating seniors meet industry professionals, provide an ideal environment to establish important networking relationships. Paris College of Art is a member of the Designers Interactifs Association, a valuable network that was established to facilitate a dialog between the public, design professionals and schools in France. We lend our lecture space, free of charge, to this organization, in an effort to support its promotion of design benefits for society. www.designersinteractifs.com Paris College of Art is also a member of the NASAD Association (National Association of Schools of Art and Design) Paris College of Art is recognized by the Rectorat of Paris as a private institution of higher education. Paris College of Art is a member of the following academic associations: EAIE : European Association for International Education NCAA : National Council of Art Administrators ELIA : European League of Institutes of the Arts AACRAO : American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers ECIS : European Council of International Schools NAFSA : Association of International Educators (Founded as National Association of Foreign Student Advisors) CAA : College Art Association

Main Focus

Our primary focus in education is to encourage our students to pursue learning with a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. Through the specific disciplines in Art and Design we work to instill ethical principles in our students and an awareness of responsibility as world citizens. We also endeavor to emulate these qualities ourselves as faculty and art administrators. Our complementary focus is to nurture a community of local and international practitioners, theorists and learners who work as a think tank for the important issues that surround the creative fields. These issues include, but are by no means limited to, the following topics: career advancement; professional practice; censorship and control of artistic rights and intellectual property; cooperation between industry, learning institutions and cultural bodies; income levels; etc.

Faculties and Departments

List of departments

Foundation Department

Liberal Studies and Art History Department

Fine Arts Department

Film Art Department

Fashion Design Department

Photography Department

Communication Design Department

Interior Design Department

Bachelor Level Programs

Paris College of Art offers American degree programs in art and wherein students who successfully complete four years of study receive a Bachelor’s Degree. At PCA, our students may pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in: Communication Design; Fashion Design; Film Art; Fine Arts; Interior Design; or Photography. The majority of our undergraduate degree programs begin with the Foundation Year. In additon to degree program, PCA offers study abroad and summer opportunities.

Master Level Programs

Paris College of Art offers American degree programs. On the graduate level these include Master of Fine Arts (MFA 2 years) and Master of Arts (MA 1 year) degrees in Drawing, Photography & Image-making, and Transdisciplinary New Media, as well as Master of Art (MA 1 year) degrees in Design for Social Impact, Fashion Film & Photography, and Interior Design.



Research Activity and Main Areas

Paris College of Art's 2-year (MFA) graduate students engage in critical research as part of their degree requirements. This research focuses on drawing, image making and transdisciplinary new media.

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

 Student Exchange can occur during the second or third year of the four-year undergraduate degree programs in all disciplines except film: Art History; Communication Design; Fashion Design; Fine Arts; Interior Design; Liberal Studies; Photography. Contact person for inquiries: Megan Tierney, International Prgoram Manager, [email protected]

Application Deadlines

April 1 for Fall Semester and November 1 for Spring Semester

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

For AY 2023/2024

Fall Semester = Sep 4 – Dec 15, 2023 Spring Semester = Jan 15 – May 3, 2024 Summer Programs = June 12 – July 21, 2023

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Estimated Cost of Living per Semester

  • Housing 4,000 €
  • Personal / Meals 3,000 €
  • Local transportation 200 €
  • Books / Art supplies 400-800 € depending on the program



Bachelor: 200
Master: 50

Exchange Students

Incoming: 50-60
Outgoing: 10-20
Others: 30

Teaching Staff

Professors: 5-10
Lectures: 80-100
Other permanent teachers: 5-10
Part-time Teachers: 80-100

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