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National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts

Bulgaria Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The mission of NATFA “Kr. Sarafov” is to:

  • develop as a leading modern scientific, educational, social and cultural institution offering a wide spectrum of specialities and programs with theoretical and applied as well as applied science focus in the field of stage and screen arts, theatre and film critical studies;
  • train highly qualified specialists adaptable to the dynamically changing cultural and social needs; build in students the knowledge and skills that will ensure their successful professional fulfilment;
  • develop students’ creative gifts, analytical and communication skills, to encourage their critical thinking and broaden their cultural horizons;
  • confirm in its educational activity the principles of tolerance, dialogue, cooperation, activity and initiative.

International Role

The international partnership on all levels of artistic and academic exchange is of leading priority for NATFA. The outstanding achievements of the Academy’s graduates are proven by their yearly participations in many national and international student and professional festivals, ateliers, seminars, congresses, conferences and symposiums. NATFA participates actively in many international projects in the field of the theatre and film arts, and in the field of education in the arts. From 1982, NATFA is a full member of CILECT (the International Association of Film and TV Schools), from 1990 is a full member of ELIA – European League of Institutes of the Arts and from 2008, is a founding member of the International Association of Theatre Schools to UNESCO-GATS. Long-term contacts are established with universities and academies of the arts all over the world and successful partnerships in projects, developing on different educational programmes.

National Role

The National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts is the first Bulgarian school for higher education and one of the most prestigious European educational institutions in the field of the stage and screen arts. Established in 1948, it is the only educational institution of this type which is financed by the state. Today the Academy is a modern European institute with established possibilities and standards for education. The Academy works in effective partnership with the state educational and cultural institutions on national and European programmes, other universities and academies of the arts, integrating the business to the potential of the education and its students’ creative projects invariably enrich the city environment.

Main Focus

Training persons for the theatre and audiovisual media, with extensive practical abilities and theoretical knowledge corresponding to the contemporary professional requirements for creative work in the theatre and audiovisual medias or self-employed practice. Also to train young individuals  with highly professional skills, with an individual creative style.  

Faculties and Departments

Stage Arts Faculty and Screen Arts Faculty

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor programs, 4 years of study, full-time:

Drama Theatre Acting

Puppet Theatre Acting

Physical Theatre

Drama Theatre Directing

Puppet Theatre Directing


Theatre Critical Studies and Management

Theatre Production

Film and TV Directing

Film and TV Cinematography

Film and TV Editing

Film and TV Sound

Film and TV Producing

Film and TV Design



Playwriting and Screenwriting

Screen Studies and Journalism

Master Level Programs

Master programs, 2 years of study, full-time:

Stage Arts Management

Theatre Art

Acting for the Stage and Screen Arts

Public Speech

Stage Arts Directing

Screen Arts Management

Film and TV Art

Aesthetics of Apllied Photography

Educational and Therapeutic Puppet Theatre

Screen Directing

Design for Interactive Media


Research Activity and Main Areas

 Audiovisual Media and Theatre Art.

Doctorate Level Programs

The doctorate level programs are in two main directions – Theatre Studies and Theatre Art AND Cinema Studies, Cinema Art and TV,  for 3 years, full-time.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Stage and Screen Arts.

Application Deadlines

The application deadlines depends on the type of exchange. Generally from September to 15 June.

Teaching Languages

Bulgarian, English and Russian.

Semester Dates

Winter semester: from 15.09. to 03.02

Summer semester: from 04.02. to 30.06.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Living: approx. 400 euro per month.

Studying:  Depends on the citizenship, subject and longitude of the choosen subject.


Bachelor: 600
Master: 35
Doctorate: 30

Exchange Students

Incoming: 6
Outgoing: 6
Others: 12

Teaching Staff

Professors: 30
Lectures: 61
Part-time Teachers: 235

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