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Mission Statement

Asia University’s College of Creative Design not only won first place in Private Schools, Group 3, in the Ministry of Education (MOE) University Evaluation but also won the MOE Excellence in Teaching University Award four years running. Basic literacy and core competencies are Humanities, Art, Innovation, Design.

International Role

Facing the challenge of globalization and focusing on brand design development trend, the Design College evolves specialties as following: visual arts for communication, fine crafts of culture and creativity, fashion design with humanity aesthetic and management, digital recreation and entertainment industries, care design for social welfare, help students to get job, explore life and toward the world.

National Role

Taiwan International Student Design Competition (TISDC) is one of the main projects of MOE, executed by the Department of Visual Communication Design, Asia University. TISDC aims to encourage art and design students worldwide to participate in contests, which can utilize media and advertisements to promote Taiwan; the program allows international judges or panelists and award winners to advertise the successes of Taiwan’s art and design education programs.

Main Focus

The Main Focus for Department of Media and Design, Visual Communication Design, Creative Product Design, Fashion Design and Interior Design are focus on BD. However, Department of Media and Design, Visual Communication Design and Creative Product Design also fucus on MD. Only the Department of Media and Design focus on PHD.

Faculties and Departments

The College of Creative Design was established in 2007. It encompasses the five major domains of digital, graphic, interior, and fashion design. 

– Department of Media and Design

– Department of Visual Communication Design

– Department of Creative Product Design

– Department of Fashion Design

– Department of Interior Design

All of the departments have high quality of teaching and the teaching staff, and also put great efforts in contacting to industry.

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of Media and Design, Visual Communication Design, Creative Product Design, Fashion Design and Interior Design

Master Level Programs

Master of Media and Design, Visual Communication Design, Creative Product Design

Research Activity and Main Areas

Objectives: To fully use creative design to promote industrial upgrading and improvement of the aesthetic quality of the economy and national life.

College Curriculum and Required Courses: Humanities (design history, design aesthetics), art (modern art and design trends, graphic design), creative (cultural introduction to creative design, design drafting), design (introduction to design, basic design 1, basic design 2)

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctor of Media and Design

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

The subject could be any issue in either Media and Design, Visual Communication Design, Creative Product Design, Fashion Design or Interior Design.

Application Deadlines

Spring Semester 2024 : July 10, 2021 – October 31, 2024

Fall Semester 2024 : January 25, 2024 – March 31, 2024

Teaching Languages

Chinese (Mandarin) & English

Semester Dates

Fall semester: September 14th – January 10th

Spring semester: Feburary 17th – June 19th


Bachelor: 1900
Master: 53
Doctorate: 49

Teaching Staff

Professors: 48
Lectures: 10

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